Integration between Workflow Manager and ArcGIS Online

Idea created by guivdko on Feb 2, 2017
    • LaurenLindsay
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    We are trying to create a workflow with roughly the following steps:

    1. one of our users spots an asset in the field that needs to be changed/deleted/added to our GIS.

    2. he registers the request using an ArcGIS Online or Geocortex app or map, through a web feature service. Just the AOI isn't enough, we also want the user to add some additional information. This is all registerd through the web feature service. 

    3. the request triggers the creation of a job in Workflow Manager, or is used as input in Workflow Manager. The information from the webfeature service is included with the job.


    Right now the above workflow is a real pain to accomplish because Workflow Manager seems to have been developed as a bit of a "fortress" that prefers to be fed from inside the application or through it's API, which doens't integrate with ArcGIS Online and web feature services at all. Making this integration work would make Workflow Manager a much better and more integral part of our (Arc)GIS architecture, which relies heavy on ArcGIS Online.