Approval step for online edits

Idea created by DistantLeaf on Jan 13, 2017

    The online editing (feature access) web service is a great tool for users that do not have a knowledge of the ArcGIS software, but are required to update features on a regular basis. The question is how does one maintain the spatial data quality of the edits, before rolling the data out to a wider audience? 


    The editor tracking functionality is great to see who create or modified elements, however there is no step for the approval of those edits. The edits are immediately available for users with view access to make decisions. In order to maintain the integrity of the data, it would be great if an approval step could be integrated with the layer. Where the owner of the data is required to approve the changes before the rest of the organization is able to view the changes.  


    A potential solution for this would be to only update the Web Map Service (WMS) using the Feature Service when the changes to the Feature Service have been approved by the data owner. At the moment the WMS is updated as soon as the Feature Service. It should be possible to disconnect these to service and only update manually when approved.