Add Support for TeraData 13 database connections in Insights for ArcGIS

Idea created by johnmdye on Jan 7, 2017
    • johnmdye

    Esri Insights is an awesome data exploration and visualization tool. A real Tableau killer, imho. There's one thing it lacks that prevents me from being able to adopt it in our organization. No support for connections to TeraData 13.

    I get that TeraData 14 is the first version where spatial indexes are supported and obviously being able to visualize data on a map makes Insights really shine. However, even Dr. Beal stated in her "10 Questions for Esri" video that insights is intended to visualize both spatial and non-spatial data. If that's the case, then supporting connections to TeraData 13 shouldn't really be an issue other than you won't get the mapping capabilities out of data coming across that connection.


    I think that's a fair compromise. Please add support for TeraData 13 connections.