In AGOL allow queries/filters by current date

Idea created by tomrip on Dec 2, 2016
    Under Consideration

    In AGOL, support queries or filters by the current date - whatever the current date is.  This functionality should be part of the filters for layers, setting symbology, and within widgets. Currently, you must select a fixed date, or require your user to enter a specific date.  Here are some specific use cases

    • I want our field crew to be able to see what cases were assigned to them (or created) today, so I would set the filter/query based on our 'dateAssigned' or 'dateCreated' fields = current date.
    • I want our data approvers to review data that was edited today. I would set a layer filter where our 'dateEdited' field = current date.
    • In many cases the field crew needs to know the age of a work item - older work requests should be processed first - where the "age" of a work item is based on (current date - the 'dateCreated')