Ability to inline AGOL Web Mapping Applications in html pages

Idea created by erik.lanhammaresri-se-esridist Employee on Oct 24, 2016

    Just as we can inline AGOL Web Maps in html pages, Id like to be able to do the same with AGOL Web Mapping Applications (created in WebApp Builder). This would bring GREAT value to customers with Enterprise systems in which they wish to integrate AGOL's RICH mapcontent and functionality.


    To facilitate such integrations, enterprise users of system X would need to register their own AGOL credentials together with their credentials in X. X could then make a valid access token requets on behalf of users in X to AGOL, and thereby giving users in X seamless access (ie WITHOUT them getting prompted to login to AGOL) to their AGOL Web Mapping Applications inlined in system X UI.


    However, even though making a correct token request from X to AGOL works fine, AGOL sends back a response header 'X-Frame-Options' set to 'DENY'.  This effectively prevents Web Mapping Application to be inlined in other html-pages, such as the X UI... 


    Perhaps there is a way round this, but I still havent found what Im loking for...!

    If someone solved it - great let me know!