Setting a Data Source from a Mapped Drive to a UNC Path

Idea created by kwobbe on Sep 16, 2016
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    I was wondering if there has been any progress made, or plans for a fix, regarding the ESRI verified bug for "setting a data source from a mapped letter drive (G:\) to a UNC path?"  This is problematic for our workflow for creating GIS web services and this bug gives me grief at times in doing the preliminary work of setting up my MXD for creating a map service.  Due to the workflow used for our ArcGIS Server environment, I get alerted that the data will be copied to the server if we don't use the UNC paths.  It would be both helpful and awesome if ESRI provided a fix in future versions of ArcMap for this bug.   


    Here's the details of the verified bug:

    Bug BUG-000096779


    In ArcMap 10.3.1 and later, when setting a data source from a mapped drive to a UNC path, the path change is not reflected in the Layer Properties or the Table of Contents.


    Thank you for providing this forum for new ideas and for your consideration of my idea!  ...~Kris