Webmaps - a 'turn all popups on'  button

Idea created by kmsagis on Aug 4, 2016

    I am requesting a 'turn all popups on' button to turn on popups for all layers and sublayers in a webmap. (Even rasters, once they add that capability). 


    This solves two issues. One, it would be great for the first time a user adds a layer that may have dozens or hundreds of sublayers. Also, after you turn popups on for a layer, the layer list snaps back up to the top. If you have a few hundred sublayers you have to find where you were and scroll back to it. Maybe that is also a behavior that can be re-programmed


    Second, with us at least who have 10.2.2, I have to continuously re-create the popups because they keep getting destroyed after we change the service to rename a layer, add/remove layers etc.

    With Server 10.2 and below there was the issue of changing a layer name or adding/removing layers, destroying the webmap. I observed layers turning on that were off, symbology becoming essentially corrupted, and all popups disappearing. Basically, once you published you couldn't change anything on the service except symbology, unless you wanted to recreate everything in the webmap like popups.  With 10.3 Esri has made layerIDs immutable and resolved this issue.  But for 10.2 and below, for this reason a Turn All Popups On would be super-helpful!


    Good idea? Possible?