Use the Diminfo Tolerance to determine if Oracle Spatial data is valid.

Idea created by andy.robinson on Jul 28, 2016
    • andy.robinson
    • merlais

    When trying to add our existing Oracle Spatial data to ArcGIS Pro directly (not after conversion to shp, nor using an SDE data server), we were unable to get the entire feature class to display. The data was valid according to Oracle. But ArcGIS Pro was throwing "Polygon does not close properly" errors. Through some debugging with the help of ESRI support we determined that ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap and Arc Catalog use an XY Cluster tolerance of .000001 meters, rather than the tolerance which is specified in the Oracle Metadata for the feature class, to determine validity. Our data was created using Hexagon's GeoMedia and a tolerance of .0001 meters.


    It is possible to alter the XY Cluster Tolerance in ArcGIS for workflows where you are creating data, but when adding it to the mapview, it always uses .000001 m.


    It would be great if the underlying validation for display was changed to use the Diminfo tolerance.