Track where collectors went using ArcServer services

Idea created by Scott.Fierro on Dec 16, 2015

    Currently there are two options for using this.
    1) Build out a tracking layer using pre-defined templates in ArcGIS Online
    2) Download the template and deploy it for use in Portal


    There should be an option to accomplish this using a service hosted on an organizations backend. You can download the package for use in Portal and deploy it based on the document at but only up through step #8. The process in step #8 is not available from a service fed from an organizations ArcServer's and therefore enabling the tracking can't be completed.


    This should offer the same capabilties that are found in step #5 & 6 in this document under the "Add the tracking layer to your map " section


    The primary concerns with using the AGO hosted option for us would be spiralling out of control costs. With a Collector solution deployed at the Enterprise Level to over 500 users the data can grow very big very quickly.