R&H - Concurrent Route Event omission from from Gap checks

Idea created by johnformby on Dec 10, 2015
    ALDOT has many On-System Concurrent Routes. Managing events on those routes are difficult.

    As QC for events on ALL routes the "Check Events on Route" tool is used to check for gaps, overlaps and invalid measures and returned to employees as a work flow. Focusing on gaps with this idea I would like to have the ability for the RCE to remove gaps returned due to events being on the subordinate route.

    The following shows ALDOT's State Route system checked for gaps for one event, F_System (Highway Functional Classification). This returned 446 gaps. A CSV is created from the results and put into workflow. The issue is that a very low percent of these are actual gaps on the dominate route. The editor must investigate each gap though to ensure it is on a subordinate route. It is very time comsuming and costly in man hours. It is counterproductive and erodes efficiency.

    The return is much larger when ALDOT's State Route system is checked for gaps on full extent events. The results (3789 records) are more realistic to the work load.