Backward/Forward Compatibility

Idea created by justgis on Dec 3, 2015

    The release of v10.2 allowed the capability to save an mxd and a user running v10.1 could open the map without an error message. Previously, we would have to save a copy down to the previous version if we had users still running a previous version. The backward/forward compatibility with 10.1 and 10.2 saved time in our workflow. Now, as a couple users upgrade to v10.3, we find the backward/forward compatibility of our mxd's lost. Why hasn't this feature continued in the software? At the very least, we should have an option to "save as" the version most used in our workflow. Ideally, every forward version of the software should be able to identify which version the user is running and open the map. Our workflow has been compromised because this wasn't realized until 100's of maps had been saved at 10.3 and our 10.2 users can't open them. When a new release of the software is available, I think there should be a HUGE disclaimer stating something like NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE! so we would know to copy them down to the previous version. There is no statement (that  I can see) stating this in the v10.3 documentation. Thanks for your time.