Web AppBuilder Reporting Widget

Idea created by Bayswater53 on Oct 18, 2015

    Would it be possible for ESRI to develop a customisable WAB Reporting Widget to generate reports that will contain a map and/or attribute information. Reporting functionality is a critical part of spatial workflows. It would be useful for any potential WAB report widget to be able to call upon nominated reports eg crystal reports, SQL reports, etc. Obviously the report and map would need a common identifier like the Objectid or land parcel identifier, etc.

    If this is not possible how about a simple report builder widget that allows the administrator to bring together the nominated map, attributes, chart, etc from a resultant query.

    ESRI you need to develop this widget as part of the standard widget interface in WAB. I realise one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to reporting but at least expose a simple reporting widget for clients to start to work with.