Collector : Offline Basemaps : Support copy of tile package with Dropbox, email, or URL

Idea created by MChilcott on May 2, 2016

    When you need to work offline – Basemaps can be downloaded directly to your smartphone or tablet using the Collector app.  This involved creating a tile package, and copying it to the device.

    If you use Apple devices - the only way Collector supports copying to the device is with iTunes.  This is somewhat difficult.

    Apps like Avenza PDF Maps offer the following 4 methods to copy data to the App.

    You can do so in four ways:
    1. From the Maps list, tap the + button at the top-right. In the From the Web box, type a URL, network or server address into the box to download and process a map to load it from a public URL/network/server.
    2. By Email, you can tap and hold an attachment until you see the "Open in PDF Maps" option.
    3. Connect your iOS device to your computer and open iTunes. Add files to PDF Maps from the Apps section in iTunes. Once added, you can process these maps in the app by tapping the iTunes File Sharing option.
    4.Link your Dropbox account to PDF Maps and choose compatible files (geospatial PDF, GeoPDF and GeoTIFF) to download to the PDF Maps app.

    Collector should be able to do the same.