Reporting Configurable Web Application in ArcGIS Online

Idea created by MKellyesri-ireland-ie-esridist Employee on Apr 22, 2016
    I have found many users wondering how they can view the data they have gathered with Collector/Survey123. This is very easy when you have basic data as you can view it in a table/on the map with popups/using charts via Operations Dashboard/Web AppBuilder/ArcMap/ArcGIS Pro. However, for more complex data this can be hard to achieve, for example with related data and attachments. This kind of data is becoming more and more popular with Survey123 as it provides a very simple interface to create this kind of data. A Reporting Configurable Web Application in ArcGIS Online would simplify the reporting aspect of this. It would input a feature layer, and have a number of functionalities:

    Section One - Display summary of data
    • This could be configured to display whatever fields are necessary using various chart types
    • It would include charting information for each field from the configured feature service much like what is offered via the Survey123 website/charts configured in Operations Dashboard/ArcGIS Pro/ArcMap
    Section Two - Display each feature one at at time
    • For each feature, have a small map with it's location
    • Also display a list of attribute data related to that particular feature      
      • If there is related data associated with the feature, list all of these records
    • If there are photo attachments display these
    Section Three/Throughout - Option to export the report as a PDF or Excel Document
    • First section displays summary of charting data, and perhaps even generates Excel charts
    • Subsequent sections display individual results from each feature in the feature service including photos and related records