Download Open Data Types

Idea created by SCC.Planning.Office on Feb 13, 2015
    Under Consideration
    Currently there are 4 ways to download data from Open Data: Spreadsheet, KML, Shapefile and API. Not all these download types are appropriate for all datasets.

    It would be great if when designing an Open Data site, the designer had the option to choose which download type to allow for any given dataset. This could be done by having a check box next to the download type and you can check the box to allow that download type.

    For example, KML does not work well for all datasets. Why allow a user to download a KML if it will fail with a dataset that doesn't play well with KML? The poor user has a frustrating experience thinking they can download a KML and plop it into Google Earth and expect it to work, when that dataset was never intended for that purpose.

    Similarly spreadsheets do not make sense for some datasets.

    The designer of the Open Data site should be allowed to choose from among the download options which option(s) will be best for their data.

    thank you.