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I need to develop a web application using java script in Arcgis 10.0, If any one don't mind point me the way to learn to  in arcgis 10.0. cos most of the info I have are misleading.     Am i Spamming ? if i post to each group ? I am desperate 
I would like to use Dashboard theme from web appbuilder only with dashboard tools so I'm looking forward to remove the mapbox.
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I'd like to add our agency logo to the Dart Controller in the Dart Theme. I've attached a screen capture of the conceptual layout. I'm not sure where to add the content to specify an image to appear on the left side of the controller. I've accomplished the task by modifying the code of an application after it has been saved, but I'd like to… (Show more)
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Hello,   Is anyone familiar with how to move the position of the Dart Theme widget pop-ups?    I've moved the Controller Widget so it opens at the top of the app, due to the original settings the pop-up opens right on top. I'd like to move it below the Controller Widget panel.    Thank you,  Julianna
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I am having trouble with the public notification tool. I am able to export a list of property owners and a list of Site addresses but I am unable to export a list of a combined unique owner/site address. Can someone please provide me guidance. thank you in advance. Cary
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Hello All,   I'm using Developer Edition 2.11 and confused about the relationship between the widget positions specified in the config.json (under layouts) and the config.json at the top-level of a project.   Both seem to give you the opportunity to position a specific widget but I'm having trouble understanding the circumstances under which the… (Show more)
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