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FYI: Another nice blog by David Martinez that covers all the new enhancements to Web AppBuilder in the recent ArcGIS  update,   What’s New in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (September 2018)      Enjoy,
I have been working on refining my custom widget and would like it to function similarly to that of the Jewelry Box theme in that there is a side panel that can be minimized and maximized by a small tab.      For whatever reason the map shifts and takes my panel with it separating it from the sidebar? How do I anchor my panel to my sidebar? This… (Show more)
in Web AppBuilder Custom Themes
Hello! I saw a presentation on this at Dev Summit and I cannot for the life of me locate the presentation. I need to create a Web App for Portal that allows the user to click on a city and it gives all of the assets of a specific type in that city boundary as an excel spreadsheet and also as a pre-formatted map book in 11 x 17 with customizable… (Show more)
how can i open a off panel in sidebar theme?   timeslider widget can't open if it is not in panel/   thanks!
in Web AppBuilder Custom Themes
I am working on building a custom template and widget for a project. I am currently going through the tutorials on creating a custom theme. I hit a bit of snag and am asking the community for an explanation or some help finding out where it needs to be improved or corrected.   The issue is as follows: When I create a widget group I am able to… (Show more)
in Web AppBuilder Custom Themes
I would like to create a theme that has two widget-controllers so some widgets can be in a header area and some widgets in a sidebar area. My two widget-controllers (as the HeaderController and SidebarController) can individually work well. When I tried to merge them together, it appears the problem of double the existing widgets (See the… (Show more)