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I am working on building a custom template and widget for a project. I am currently going through the tutorials on creating a custom theme. I hit a bit of snag and am asking the community for an explanation or some help finding out where it needs to be improved or corrected.   The issue is as follows: When I create a widget group I am able to… (Show more)
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I would like to create a theme that has two widget-controllers so some widgets can be in a header area and some widgets in a sidebar area. My two widget-controllers (as the HeaderController and SidebarController) can individually work well. When I tried to merge them together, it appears the problem of double the existing widgets (See the… (Show more)
Hello, some sample code to move the attribute table from the current bottom position? For example vertically right! Thank you Michele
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FYI: Nice blog by David Martinez that covers all the new enhancements to Web AppBuilder in the recent ArcGIS Online update,   What’s New in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (April 2018) - ArcGIS Blog      Enjoy,
We would like to create a panel which will be relative to map in browser mode where as it would be relative to browser in mobile mode. For e.g. In browser panel will be shown inside the map, whereas in mobile mode panel will be shown below the map with maps height fixed to 50% of device height. Also the map + Panel height could be greater than… (Show more)
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This is the source file of the demo theme used during the session: ArcGIS Web AppBuilder: Creating new themes in Dev Summit 2018#
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