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Hello, I am attempting to use the local layer widget 2.5 (in version 2.7 of web app builder).   The local layer widget is shown as one of the available widgets when I click on the widget tab.  When I click the Show This Widget button, I get a 404 error message stating that the application couldn't fine an odds.json file in the application path… (Show more)
I'm running a loop of geoprocessing tasks and save them in an array   promisesSeg.push(this.gpSegment_from_PM.execute(params_segment));  When all geoprocessing tasks are completed then it continue on...   Promise.all(promisesSeg).then(function (results) { ------- --------- However, if one set of params lead to a geoprocessing error, it creates… (Show more)
I've got a problem with the mobile view of one of my apps.   I'm using the box theme, which has the near me widget in the box.   When you activate the near me widget, the box grows and covers approximately half of the screen, however the map does not seem to realise that it is largely being covered by a widget, and when it zooms to the location… (Show more)
Click to view contentI've read through a number of related posts (finally figured out how to group widgets in the Foldable theme by drag and drop) but I am trying to get his to work in the Jewelry Box theme. It should en up looking something like this example: Houston Map Viewer      I was able to get the Widget Group to work in the Jewelry Box panel by going into… (Show more)
Hello everyone,   I have a custom search widget, that needs basemap in order to work. At the moment the widget is set to work with the basemap defined with custom map added to the map: map = new esri.Map("map"); dojo.connect(map, "onLoad", function() { //populate dropdown executeQuery(); //executeQuerySecond(); }); // Add the… (Show more)
Ehanced draw widget for WebApp Builder for Arcgis   UPDATE 2018/05/09 (new Release v2.8.1) : refactoring use esri/geometry/projection (available since esri js api 3.24) instead of proj4js (external libs) systematic use of geometry engine (no more mercator utils, geometry server...) for polyline, the user can now add an arrow (available since… (Show more)
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I am trying to build a custom widget for Web App Builder that has the same functionality as the FindTask class in the Java Script API.  Thus far, my code searches for an attribute value in a rest service (i.e. owner name of a parcel) and returns the search results in the Dev Tool’s Console window, NOT in a table grid that I am striving for.  I am… (Show more)
Hello! I need to create layer grouping within the layerlist widget. I am using version 2.2 of the web appbuilder. When we created the layers on the server as mapserver, the created groups were respected by the layerlist widget, however, because we needed specific resources, we had to switch to featurelayer and put them as dynamic layers, and… (Show more)
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