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Hi,   I have a WAB app with some modified code. I've been running this code in WAB V2.8 for awhile without issue and need to upgrade to V2.13. This code has failed in V2.13   This code allows the user to click on the map, coordinates are collected, popup is shown with URL link to Survey123. Right now it does everything but show the popup.   I… (Show more)
Live Preview Site Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | Help - Enhanced Search widget   List of the latest enhancements and changes: Fixed issue with 2 or more eSearch widgets and the setting of one overriding the setting of the other. Fixed issue with Word searches using OR instead of AND. Fixed issue with organization specified theme colors. Fixed…
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Hi,   I would like to know if it's possible to show the infoWindow directly fullscreen after a touch event on mobile instead of showing a small infoWindow in which you have to click again to display the info fullscreen.     It's for a 2D WAB application in version 2.13 so the ArcGIS Javascript API version is 3.29.   Any suggestion?   Thank… (Show more)
Hey everybody,   Since I have created an Enhanced Draw widget for the Javascript API, I figured it might be a good idea to enhance the draw widget that ESRI has provided in the WebApp builder. You can check out my blog for the Javascript API HERE.   The widget for the WebApp builder is still a work in progress, but I figured I share what I have…
I'm using Robert's eSearch widget and I'm trying to use a selected polygon to intersect another layer; however, I need to "shrink" the original polygon so the new polygon used to perform the intersection is fully contained within the original selected polygon.  I've tried to take the original selected polygon rings and subtract a value of 50 from… (Show more)
Click to view contentHi all, I'm working outside the portal for arcgis with local layers in a intranet. When I run the Draw Widget I get an error: and it seems like with this widget it is required to contact the Portal to _fetchSymbolTypes. Is it possible to load the point symbols list without the portal? I report the error, as you can see no symbol is loaded:  … (Show more)
Hello,   is it possible to customize the Attribute Table in Web AppBuilder App based on attribute of features? What I need is change color of the row if some attribute has error state.   Thanks a lot   Regards Zdenek
2/18/2017 - updated download links   This widget is an enhancement of the Esri Print Widget, which was originally written by David Spriggs.   Live Preview Site   Bug Fixes and Enhancements in Version 1.1.6 Fixed a bug (Esri's) that caused the legend in the print file to be incomplete.   Bug Fixes and Enhancements in Version 1.1.5   Added a…
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Hi. I need help customizing or creating a widget. I need a widget to filter many layers at the map that have the same common attributes. It's basicaly what the Filter Widget does, but Applied to more than one layer. I'm having trouble customizing the Filter Widget, since I'm not experienced with Dojo and the WAB Architecture.   Thanks.   
I'm working on creating a widget that will pass settings to the TimeSlider. So, I'm wanting to configure the time extent from one widget and update the time slider extent (settings in image). I'm not sure if I can access those settings or how to do so. Any help would be appreciated. Thx
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