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Hi,   I am trying to test the python add-in tool to create a custom pop-up dialogue box that allows users enter numerical data that is then run through a mathematical equation script. The result then populates a record in a field from a line that is drawn on the map.   I don't know if this needs to be configured in the python script or the xml… (Show more)
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We have many land class polygons to manually edit. I wish to create a button bar - in Python AddIns - with buttons to allocate the selected polygon (once edited) to the appropriate class (ie update attribute field). There would be buttons for Class 1, Class 2 etc.. so i) edit polygon (eg cut) ii) with polygon selected, click appropriate button… (Show more)
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I using Python Add-In Wizard with ArcGIS 10.4.1 but after getting the files I am not able to create installation Wizard!     I tried to create the wizard by double clicking on the  looks like something running but No installation file generated at the directory! can you please let me know why this is happening?
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I have written a Python add-in extension for ArcMap 10.6, I want it to automatically update some attributes after a feature is edited or created. My test code looks like this:   def onStopOperation(self):   print("%d onStopOperation(self)" % self.count)   self.count += 1   print("Workspace ", self.editWorkspace)   print("Selected ",… (Show more)
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Hey everyone! I want to create a Python Add-In tool that will perform the following sequence of tasks: 1. Read a specific feature layer in Table of Content (let's call it X) 2. Check the version for the layer [Working on SDE only] 3. Read the selected features from the layer X 4. Copy the selected features from layer X to another layer… (Show more)
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Hi.    I have python code extension that runs on startup. The MXD has "store relative Paths" turned on by default. The script works well and does what it has to do. However every time the script runs it stops the ""Store relative paths" in the MXD from working and breaks the link to the local gdb. The script simply resources some of the layers in… (Show more)
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I have added a toolbar and a button using python add-in assistant (arcmap 10.4).  I would like the button to be enable, if and only if, one particular layer (named operations) has exactly one feature selected.  I can easily use the __init__ function of the button to test if these circumstances are met at runtime.  If they are, the button is… (Show more)
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