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Hi I was hoping to get some assistance troubleshooting.   I've setup the Campus Place Locator App with my own services and it kinda works, except the floors don't filter as expected?   The only hint of an error I see is a [ undefined "" ] in devtools... which happens after you select a building (only 1 currently loaded)   Here is the app...… (Show more)
Is there documentation that lists the accepted formats for entering Bearings, Length, and Radius using the Parcel Drafter widget? The issue users encounter is the Invalid Bearing, Invalid, Length, or Invalid Radius warning when entering values. The question users ask is, "What are the acceptable formats for entering this information?" This is my… (Show more)
Only happens once in a while so I never call IT, but on a morning like this when they are all "hidden" and you have to redistribute them into their normal configuration over the, normal for me, three lines so you can actually click on the tools, it is frustrating.
Hello.   Something seems to be off with my attempts to start using the Campus Place Locator, even when I go through the official guidelines from A to Z.   So I was wondering if anyone else has had these growing pains. I am using a Portal setup and I have tried both hosting the tiled layers and featureservices on Portal and also to post them to… (Show more)
Hi, We are looking to create an interactive application which will allow users to create a custom route accross multiple trails.   Essentially, I am located at this community center, which trails near me can take me on a 1/2 hr walk.   Has anyone created anything like this?   Thanks Frank
First of all I just want to say that Attribute Assistant is great! I think this is ESRI at its best, it was relatively easy to set up, and it saves me a lot of headache and time working with our network utilities. However, everything is working correctly other than the "Update_From_Edge_Field" and "Update_To_Edge_Field" functions.   In my table… (Show more)
Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS is an app that enables you to monitor, track, and assess your assets and daily operations. We’re delighted to announce that we just refreshed our beta for the next generation Operations Dashboard app. This beta empowers you to make visually stunning dashboards that enable operational decisions at a glance, all… (Show more)
Can anybody help me with these questions?  I am trying to setup a WAB Developer 2.4 app with the Parcel Drafter and have hit a few snags or just need clarification on some things.   1) Where are the traverses saved and in what file type?  Same location as my data?  Can I set things up so the user can save the traverses to their device?   2) Is… (Show more)
  I'm testing the Transportation 511 solution and now that it is configured and working have a couple of questions.   It seems that the features shown in the WAB Application don't update on the interval that I specified in WAB. I have verified that the data is being uploaded to AGO on a 5 minute interval, and I can view the refreshed Feature… (Show more)
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