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Feature Layer : Infrastructure Projects Summary : Infrastructure projects identified by project leads responsible for maintenance and improvement of public infrastructure. Description : Infrastructure projects identified by project leads responsible for maintenance and improvement of public infrastructure.   Feature Layer… (Show more)
I deployed the Parcel Drafter solution via ArcPro and am trying to get it set up.  Is the list of snapping layers expecting an actual Parcel Fabric feature that has been published?  When I try to add the published version of our PLSS control points, for instance, I get an "invalid foreign key" error, leading me to believe that perhaps it's… (Show more)
What is the 3D Flood Impact solution?  The 3D Flood Impact solution can be used to visualize and assess the impact of a flooding event on the existing landscape. The result of the analysis can be visualized in a 3D scene or Operations Dashboard which can be easily shared with stakeholders.   … (Show more)
Make sure to check out the January 2019 release of the Local Government 3D basemap solution. This is a major release with a number of important updates:   40% reduction in steps required for elevation, 3D buildings, floors and 3D trees publishing. Faster processing speed when creating elevation layers. Faster processing speed when extracting and… (Show more)
I cannot seem to get the nearest feature working through my dynamic value table. Using the Sign Inventory Deployment I want to Auto Apply the Nearest Pole FACILITYID to a field in my sign Inventory called Pole_ID Seems simple enough but I get no results, other more basic rules are working like AutoNumber and X_Coordinate etc. I have attached a… (Show more)
Hello,  I've been trying unsuccessfully to create a custom overlay of roads for a map I'm building. I have followed the instructions for setting up ArcMap to use custom overlay reference grids which includes running the advanced settings utility, setting the reference system path and pointing it to the folder that contains my roads layer. Then I… (Show more)
I have used AA quite success as part of the Local Gov Water Geometric Network but have never been able to use the Configuration Files pull down box at the the the bottom of the AA Config and Log File Window. (see attached).  Do I need a certain file name/configuration defined for custom configs?  I've tried .config files without any luck such as… (Show more)
Is it possible to use URL parameters to open to a specific feature and/or map within Crowdsource Reporter? I'm using the template from GitHub. This would be helpful for us because we would like to send out an email upon request creation with its details as well as a hyperlink to the feature. Also, I'd like to be able to direct people to the… (Show more)
FYI,   Excellent video by Anatum Geomobile Solutions that highlights and compares the differences between current Collector for ArcGIS vs the new Collector (Aurora) release. A nice resource to learn about the changes.   Esri Collector - Aurora vs. Classic (9 mins video)     Enjoy,
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