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Hi guys   I´m trying to use Campus Place Locator with my data. I did everything from the Tutorial but the Building Filter never work and Floor Numbers too.   Here my feature service Hosted/BuildingInterior (FeatureServer)    And attached my config.js  
Hello,   I have got our campus place locator working fairly well however when you search a room name it doesn't select the room. The functionality works find for searching for an employee. does there need to be a related room table?    I also cannot click on a room to get a popup. Is there something I configured improperly?    Thank you
I deployed the Parcel Drafter solution via ArcPro and am trying to get it set up.  Is the list of snapping layers expecting an actual Parcel Fabric feature that has been published?  When I try to add the published version of our PLSS control points, for instance, I get an "invalid foreign key" error, leading me to believe that perhaps it's… (Show more)
Hello Team,   I am having trouble using AA for creating GUID. Below is the snapshot of a DynamicValue table:     I have turned on debug mode and below is log file record:   ############ 6/7/2018 9:15:55 AM ################ Setting sort order: Field - RUNORDER Querying table for Last Value for layer: Addresses Query Used: (TABLENAME = '*' OR… (Show more)
Hello all,   I've been working on setting up a Photo Survey for a city condition survey (Photo Survey | ArcGIS Solutions for Local Government).  I got it set up and deployed. However, the end-user has requested that the parcel address/identifier be shown on each survey page. Any plans to implement something like this in future releases? Would… (Show more)
How does your organization deal with the fact that the Solution Deployment Tool does not provide for previously published services (e.g. SiteAddresses, Parcels, etc.). This renders the Solution Deployment useless to our organization unless we want to maintain individual address layers for each app we deploy, which makes no sense. If the solutions… (Show more)
I am using Citizen Reporter for our community. The link can be found here: . I have 4 maps and I can make changes to any of them, except this week I can no longer add items to the Blight Problems map. I get the following error: "Values… (Show more)
Nice Government Technology article on how mapping technology is helping to address the opioid crisis.   Opioid Crisis Mapping and Collaboration Effort Continues Expanding     Enjoy,
Hello.   Something seems to be off with my attempts to start using the Campus Place Locator, even when I go through the official guidelines from A to Z.   So I was wondering if anyone else has had these growing pains. I am using a Portal setup and I have tried both hosting the tiled layers and featureservices on Portal and also to post them to… (Show more)
Nice blog post by Jeremiah Lindemann on using mapping technology to help combat the opioid crisis,   New America blog: Creating awareness and action through mapping     It includes links to some great app examples.   Enjoy,
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