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Can anybody help me with these questions?  I am trying to setup a WAB Developer 2.4 app with the Parcel Drafter and have hit a few snags or just need clarification on some things.   1) Where are the traverses saved and in what file type?  Same location as my data?  Can I set things up so the user can save the traverses to their device?   2) Is… (Show more)
GeoNet Staff Picks of the WeekIntroducing the New Petroleum Space Did you go to the Esri Petroleum GIS Conference this week? You can follow the conference updates, shares and conversation from the PUG Conference on the new Petroleum space in GeoNet. Share your experience, learn, discuss and ask questions about Petroleum GIS. …Check it out >>  … (Show more)
Why are attributes not showing up in GeoForm?  They were in the form I disabled 3 other attributes we didnt need and when I previewed it all the previous data was lost from the Fields ( Hint text, Alias changes, order , Etc.. ) and even though I had the fields enabled they still did not show up in the preview.. only change I made to the Form was… (Show more)
I cannot seem to get the nearest feature working through my dynamic value table. Using the Sign Inventory Deployment I want to Auto Apply the Nearest Pole FACILITYID to a field in my sign Inventory called Pole_ID Seems simple enough but I get no results, other more basic rules are working like AutoNumber and X_Coordinate etc. I have attached a… (Show more)
I have recently deployed the Capital Project Plans Solution into our 10.6 ArcGIS Portal site. I used the ArcGIS Solution Deployment tool in ArcGIS Pro 2.1.2. All goes well and I am able to look at the applications, however when I try to create a new feature within the application I receive the following error.  When I view the error in ArcGIS… (Show more)
I'm using the AA Validate Attribute Lookup method to populate the road directional, road name, road type and municipality fields in our Road Centerline feature class.  Works well when the road directional field has a value (N, S, E, or W) but does not work if the directional field is null, which is the vast majority of cases.  Popup opens with the… (Show more)
FYI,   Just wanted to share a couple of really nice example StoryMaps created by Tallahasse-Leon County GIS. Each StoryMap contains several dashboard apps built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. They show various different development projects within the county. Some awesome work!     1. Major Ongoing and Proposed Residential Development… (Show more)
The ArcGIS Flood Planning industry specific solution seems to be exactly what I needed, however it is not very descriptive on how I can create or get the needed information. The primary piece of information I am stuck on is the Inundation areas and flood impact areas. I do not think the 100 year flood FEMA insurance based information would be the… (Show more)
This 5 mins video introduces ArcGIS Hub, a new way for city governments to engage with their communities. Learn how governments can use open data and transparency to connect with constituents on issues that matter, from homelessness to road safety.   Video link: Introduction to ArcGIS Hub - YouTube      Enjoy,
In 1 week, Esri Australia will be presenting a webinar on Collector for ArcGIS.   Topics include: - Recommendations – how best to get high accuracy data collection - Scope to take your work anywhere with offline capabilities - Build a collector workflow in ArcGIS Online - The Aurora Project – and a sneak peak at the latest release   Register… (Show more)
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