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I am using pro 2.4 and every time I try to use the solution deployment tool it causes an error and shuts down the software. Is the Solutions Deployment Tool supported in version 2.4? It was working fine in version 2.3
I have been trying to deploy a solution from the ArcGIS Pro Solutions Deployment tool. I was and am still getting errors as I work with ESRI to try and fix the problem. As usual, I don't have time to wait and started following the steps laid out in the Manual Section of the link Publish feature layer - Capital Project Locator | ArcGIS for Local… (Show more)
Hello!   I am trying to move a bunch of Attribute Assistant rules to ArcPro's Attribute Rules, but I'm very new to Arcade. In particular, I am interested in the Cascade Attributes AA method. My example is using the MasterStreetName table to maintain road names in the RoadCenterlines and SiteAddressPoints feature classes.  How would I write this… (Show more)
I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.4.  I have deployed the new Election Outreach Solution in our ArcGIS Online organization portal using the Solution Deployment tool through Pro.  I have added our elected representatives data into the ElectionGeography feature service....Electoral Districts service feature class (2) in Pro (using the Load Data task in the… (Show more)
Click to view contentI am trying to configure email notifications for the Citizen Problem Reporter (local government ArcGIS Solution) per these instructions. I configured the Send Emails tool and tried running but get the following error from the log: ERROR: Failed to process service… (Show more)
Click to view contentI've been trying to run the 3D Basemaps for Local Government deployment solution with our county's Lidar. I've worked through the LOD2 buildings tools and gotten stuck on the ExtractRoofForm tool. It fails attempting to set the first edge. The error says it has an invalid field type. I'm pretty sure all of my inputs are correct. Does anyone know… (Show more)
Good afternoon.  I was attempting to download and deploy the new Election Outreach solution using the Solution Deployment tool in Pro.  I received this error: "Views based on multiple source layers are not supported.  Failed to add Election Outreach."  We tried to deploy the solution on my colleague's computer, through Pro, same error.  A new… (Show more)
After deploying the "out of the box" ESRI Election Solutions I have found that the survey is looking for a link to a local user (mike9989). Has anyone tried to deploy this local government solution and ran across this and if so how did you fix this link and what is the link looking for? There is little to no documentation on this "Solution" so any… (Show more)
FYI, some example Dashboards built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, used for various government themed topics:     Kentucky Infrastructure Authority Water & Wastewater Planning Dashboard     City of Johns Creek, GA Open Data site with several city performance metric Dashboards     City of Arlington, TX Open Data site with several city… (Show more)
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