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I have been trying to deploy a solution from the ArcGIS Pro Solutions Deployment tool. I was and am still getting errors as I work with ESRI to try and fix the problem. As usual, I don't have time to wait and started following the steps laid out in the Manual Section of the link Publish feature layer - Capital Project Locator | ArcGIS for Local… (Show more)
Seminář pro kraje a města pod patronací Kraje Vysočina a Města Jihlavy.
Click to view contentI ask because there appear to be various inconsistencies between the documentations and products. Here's what I know thus far: The Crowdsource Reporter ReadMe on Github mentions: Users can access the content anonymously, or authenticate using their Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or ArcGIS credentials. Authenticated users gain access to additional… (Show more)
Is there an Accela/PublicStuff Connector?...or has anyone built their own.  Looking for ideas for how to bring this data into our Enterprise data store.  Thanks.
In my adopta application, the lastupdatedate and adoptedon fields are not populating, I configured the popup on my layer to read those fields as the instructions showed. Additionally even when enabling attachments on the feature layer, it wont let me attach a photo. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?
Hi all,   I have done some searching and am not finding any help so far with this issue I am facing, so coming to you folks!    What I am trying to do is add some more map pages to an already existing index layer.  I do not want to recreate one from scratch as I need to maintain all the existing map page numbers as they are today and just add… (Show more)
Click to view contentWhere would I look and how would I reorder the pop up for the local government election solution "Election Polling Places", specifically swapping out the order of the popup generated after you find your address.  I would like to move the "your" district information above or mix into the polling place location.   The reasoning is we have a lot of… (Show more)
Hi, I'm working with ArcGIS Pro 2.1 and our organisation's Portal. I've installed the ArcGIS Solutions Deployment addin but for some reason the Capital Improvement solutions are not in the list of solutions to deploy in step 2 of the sharing process (I'm logged in to our organisation's Portal server). See attached AvailableSolutions screenshot.… (Show more)
Can anybody help me with these questions?  I am trying to setup a WAB Developer 2.4 app with the Parcel Drafter and have hit a few snags or just need clarification on some things.   1) Where are the traverses saved and in what file type?  Same location as my data?  Can I set things up so the user can save the traverses to their device?   2) Is… (Show more)
Hello!   I am trying to move a bunch of Attribute Assistant rules to ArcPro's Attribute Rules, but I'm very new to Arcade. In particular, I am interested in the Cascade Attributes AA method. My example is using the MasterStreetName table to maintain road names in the RoadCenterlines and SiteAddressPoints feature classes.  How would I write this… (Show more)
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