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I am working with an LAS Dataset containing 156 adjoining LAS. The Ground (2) field was reclassified in all LAS files. I would like to work with Ground points to define bare earth however I keep running into an error with the LAS Dataset to Raster tool. I've tried working with one LAS file (one LAS Dataset) to see if it was because of the size but… (Show more)
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Alright. This is my first time here. I need help with something, please. I have some LiDAR data shown in Desktop as four separate files:  filename.tfw                                                                                          1KB  filename (currently shown as Adobe Acrobat Document)      3,258,909KB  filename.tif.aux             … (Show more)
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My client wants to keep lidar data in a las dataset and not use terrain datasets or mosaic datasets.  They also do not want to create multipoint features in the geodatabase from the las files.  I need to create a DSM and a DEM from the las dataset alone.  I have read the excellent esri paper available here :… (Show more)
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