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I am using ArcGIS Pro to generate a DTM from LiDAR and the I am getting the following result.  I verified the projection and ran statistics while creating the LAS dataset.  When exporting my ground points to raster, the process appears to run, but my elevations do not look right and the data is not displaying in the map. I do not have any ideas as… (Show more)
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I am working with an LAS Dataset containing 156 adjoining LAS. The Ground (2) field was reclassified in all LAS files. I would like to work with Ground points to define bare earth however I keep running into an error with the LAS Dataset to Raster tool. I've tried working with one LAS file (one LAS Dataset) to see if it was because of the size but… (Show more)
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For the last couple of weeks, I have been doing a research for making a detailed footprint with LiDAR data. The detailed footprint is needed for visualizing a 3D model. With a detailed footprint I mean a footprint with information of the rooftops within blocks of buildings. This information are different levels/heights, walls, holes etc. Some… (Show more)
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Can I select points and delete them and can you physically save off a point cloud that just consists of the ground. I know I can classify the points and create a definition query but can I export those points out as a seperate .las dataset? lidar
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Hello, I am writing my bachelor thesis. It contains a comparison of the different interpolation methods which ArcGIS uses to create surfaces. But there are still two questions left. They relate to the cell assignment type in Binning: 1. Nearest Neighbour: Means nearest all the values within the cell or the cells around the searched cell? Is this… (Show more)
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