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We have been working in the parcel fabric for a couple years now. We use versioning and have 6 editors doing parcel maintenance. I am one of the 6 but I also check the fabric for things like missing start/end dates, construction polys left in the fabric...things like that. Lately, even after a version has been posted and deleted, when there are… (Show more)
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 Register for webinar here Dashboards give assessors the ability to make decisions at a glance, based on the latest available data updated in real-time. You can configure dashboards to always have the information most important to you at your fingertips. Attend this webinar and learn how the Value Analysis configuration of the Operations…
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I am trying to build a parcel fabric for my jurisdiction, and in doing so I am starting with the CADSDI PLSS data. I am trying to use the Public Land Survey ArcGIS Solution to do so. After following the steps on the Migrate Data page: Migrate Data - Public Land Survey Editing | ArcGIS Solutions for State Government , my PLSS data was successfully… (Show more)
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Jason Camerano gave me this python snippet: head, sep, tail = arcpy.Describe(parcelFabricLayer).Path.partition(".gdb") workspacePath = head + sep explanation: Describe().Path returns the full path that also contains the string ".gdb" partition separates is using the provided ".gdb" string  to: head - before the ".gdb" string sep - the ".gdb"… (Show more)
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We’re currently in the development and testing phase of implementing the Parcel Fabric for our county, and have encountered EXTREME performance issues that no one seems to have an answer for.   As a brief background:  We’ve already (months ago) completed a lengthy cleanup process of our parcels – simplifying the line work by removing excessive… (Show more)
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If you maintain any of the of following datasets, you should take advantage of the GIS Data Health Check activity at the 2018 Esri User Conference! Water, wastewater, sewer, or stormwater Electric or gas Roads and highways Utility pipelines Land records or addressing 3D data   Meet with me or one of my esteemed colleagues who will sit with… (Show more)
I'm in the process of moving to ArcGIS Pro from ArcGIS desktop and working with the Parcel Fabric(PF). I'm unable to label the PF Lines with quadrant bearings using the Project > Options>Units>Direction Units dialog.    I'm using the same Label Properties with the same Expressions using the VBScript that I use in ArcGIS Desktop for Labeling… (Show more)
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I keep getting this error "If the other version is the default version, the job containing the lock must be committed."  I can't figure out how to resolve it.  I manage the parcel fabric using a child version.  One day to make a quick edit I accidentally edited in the default version.  Now I can only edit an area if I'm editing the default… (Show more)
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creating a web map viewer for local govt information.  need a widget for map that allows the selection of parcels by radius, from parcel boundary, and exports to csv file.
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What is the proper way to update the COGO attributes for the underlying line features after adjusting the parcels based on an updated Control Point?
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