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Trying to learn how to do a very simply split of one polygon. When I "Load topology to parcel fabric" I get a layer composed of points, lines, polygons, control, etc.  BUT none of these elements has any records in their respective tables.  Therefore, there is nothing to display.    I created from a very simple Feature Dataset composed of one… (Show more)
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Has anyone experienced any gaps and overlaps in the parcel fabric when creating a subdivision using the New Subdivision from CAD workflow?   I have already tried Unjoining and Rejoining several times without any success.
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This happens to me occasionally and often I can rejoin the parcels to fix it but not this time.  I have even tried completely redrawing the parcels in question with no luck.  In the images below, every parcel fabric layer is turned on including points and line points. See Images below

At this point I have tried several different ways to repair this bizarre issue.  Hoping someone has some brilliant suggestions
I have a parcel database of about 16,000 in an SDE database on ArcGIS server. Other layers there edit more quickly. On Monday of this week, everything was fine. Most of the time it takes 20 to 30 seconds to select a new parcel to edit. Once it is selected, editing is fine. Using ArcGIS Pro 2.0.
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Hello,   I was just noticing the SystemEndDate field in the parcel fabric just shows the date, but lacks the time. The other system date fields (SystemStartDate, ModifyDate) all show the time. Just wondering if this is an oversight, I don't know that it matters a great deal, just thinking it would be nice to have things be consistent.  
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If you are looking for the Land Records Meetup videos, here is a set of links to past recordings (2012 up to September 2017):
08/24/2012 - Dallas Appraisal District: 10.1 implementation - by John Fell
09/06/2012 - Customer Demo: Merced County, CA – by Isaac Cabrera
11/01/2012 - Q&A, Spiral Curves
02/21/2013 - Labels and Annotation for the Tax Parcel Editing Map
04/04/2013 - How to Integrate CAD Data
04/18/2013 - How to Improve Your Spatial Accuracy - part 2
05/29/2013 - Executive Operations - Webinar
05/30/2013 - St Louis County, MN & City of Duluth- A Case Study
06/05/2013 - Parcel Management - Webinar
10/17/2013 - GeoDesigning in the Cloud: Online design of Low Distortion Projections
12/19/2013 - Enterprise Geodatabase Editing and Maintenance Best Practices
04/03/2014 - A Surveyor's Perspective on the Land Records Management Solution
05/08/2014 - Community Parcels - A community based solution for land records
07/10/2014 - How to edit ArcGIS data in AutoCAD with Esri’s ArcGIS for AutoCAD
08/14/2014 - Extend your Land Records workflow with Assessment Analyst
09/25/2014 - Implementing the Parcel Maintenance Solution in Montana
01/08/2015 - Publishing authoritative parcel content using ArcGIS
01/22/2015 - Plan Verification for City of Calgary Legal Survey Submissions
02/26/2015 - Parcel Editing tips and tricks + Attribute Assistant
04/09/2015 - Modernizing the appraisal process with the ArcGIS Platform
05/07/2015 - Parcel Editing Tips & Tricks: Fixing Gaps and Overlaps
05/28/2015 - Using Parcel Fabric to Align Custodial Data to Changing Property Cadastre
06/05/2015 - Parcel Editing Tips & Tricks: Plans and Historical Parcels
06/25/2015 - E-Ring: ArcGIS Based Decision Support Systems For Assessors
10/01/2015 - Variety hour: Ideas, labels, anno, 3D and 10.4 road ahead
01/29/2016 - Making .Net add-ins for Parcel Fabrics
02/18/2016 - Parcel Editing with ArcGIS 10.4 and More
03/10/2016 - PLSS 1 - Introduction to Public Land Survey System
03/24/2016 - PLSS 2 - Section Subdivision and Tracts
04/07/2016 - PLSS 3 - Special Surveys (non-Rectangular PLSS)
04/21/2016 - PLSS 4 - PLSS Corners and the Porcupine Monuments
05/05/2016 - PLSS 5 - PLSS Control Points and Adjustments
07/21/2016 - UC 2016: Migrating Data into the Parcel Fabric
08/04/2016 - Sketching in a GIS Framework Supporting Innovations in Land Records Management
08/04/2016 - UC 2016: Editing and Maintaining Parcels with ArcMap (NO AUDIO for demos)
08/18/2016 - UC 2016: Advanced Parcel Editing
09/15/2016 - Parcel FUN: Parcel Drafter, Export vectors and adjust feature classes, QA add-in, Parcel point move to feature add-in, Quickly view parcels in 3D using ArcGIS Pro
09/29/2016 - UC 2016: ArcGIS for Land Records: A System of Engagement for the Assessor
02/16/2017 - Parcel Fabric Geoprocessing Script Tools
Building parcels in fabric has been something I've been trying to understand for the last year.  While I consider myself to be fairly confident in my ability migrate and build parcels directly in fabric, there are processes I cannot seem to fully understand when building directly in fabric.  I've been doing a lot of work from scratch, building… (Show more)
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I am learning to use ArcGIS for land records and I would like to see if there is a way I can show polygons surrounding a land area described in PLSS format. For instance if I had a tract record in the state of Kansas with land description SE/4 SE/4 Section 16 T8S R8W and I wanted a polygon to cover the area described - how would I do this?  … (Show more)
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I work with three people that use and create annotation for our cadastral data. Recently, it seems our defined leaders that we use quite a bit to create annotation in tight places like the edges of maps and for tiny parcels, does not seem to be working correctly within the editor's version. For example, the default version show the leader lines… (Show more)
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I noticed that in the book, GIS and Land Records: The ArcGIS Parcel Data Model, the author shows block in the domain. Yet in the current LGIM geodatabase and in the data dictionary the domain doesn't include 'block' as a type.    
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