GeoDev Webinar Q&A: ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET: Extensibility Patterns

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Earlier this month, Christopher Zent from the ArcGIS Pro SDK team and Robert Burke, Esri Instructor, co-presented the GeoDev Webinar, "ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET: Extensibility Patterns. Throughout the presentation, attendees can submit their questions. The questions below are the ones we were unable to get to during the webinar. For those we did address, as well as the presentation recording and slides are listed below. Check out what you may have missed!


What are the most common extensibility patterns and customizations seen with the Pro SDK?

By far the most commonly used is the Pro add-in pattern. This is very similar in concept to the traditional ArcMap add-in pattern which Desktop developers have used since ArcGIS Desktop 10.0. The Pro add-in provides the range of capabilities which most developers and their end users are looking for, whereas the other patterns are more specialized.


Are there any samples for CoreHost updating databases?

The CoreHost community samples demonstrate the concepts of accessing and reading geodatabases. Review the Geodatabase ProConcepts and Snippets documents for examples.


Is the SDK backward-compatible – can I write an add-in with the 2.5-2.6 SDK and expect it to run in Pro 2.3?

ArcGIS Pro add-ins are only forward compatible with releases of ArcGIS Pro. For an add-in to run with ArcGIS Pro 2.3, it would need to have been compiled with ArcGIS Pro SDK 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 or 2.3. An add-in compiled with ArcGIS Pro SDK 2.3 can be used with ArcGIS Pro 2.3 and higher 2.x releases. Earlier releases of the Pro SDK can be found in the Assets section under each release at this page.


How are the ArcGIS Pro API extension files installed?

The Pro API core and extension assembly files are always installed as part of ArcGIS Pro. There is no separate install required.  Developers only need to install the ArcGIS Pro SDK (.VSIX) files to access the APIs. More information can be found on the documentation site here.


Do you support NuGet packages for Pro SDK?

Yes.  You can find out more about downloading and using the ArcGIS Pro Extensions NuGet in this guide document.


For those experienced in ArcObjects SDK development, how quickly could I become productive in using the ArcGIS Pro SDK?

Many developers coming from ArcObjects development find using the Pro SDK to a highly productive and streamlined development experience. There are many online resources available for getting started, including a set of easy to follow ArcGIS Tutorials for the Pro SDK, and documentation on Migrating to ArcGIS Pro and getting started with the Pro SDK. We also recommend the instructor-led training course.


How is real-time data handled with the Pro SDK, and are there samples?

The Realtime Stream Layers API allows for management of stream layers in ArcGIS Pro, with documentation here.  There is also a sample available here.


Can you build Custom Cylindrical Objects on the Map connecting to Real Time Data.

Using the Geometry API it is possible to create multipatch features, and using the Realtime Stream Layers API you can connect to real time data in stream layers in Pro.


Can you add BigQuery (Google Cloud) data with lat/long into Pro using a plugin datasource?

See the ProConcepts Plugin Datasources document for information on the architecture and requirements for source data.


What are the language options for developing with the ArcGIS Pro SDK?

The language options for development with the ArcGIS Pro SDK are C# and VB.NET.


To view the recording, visit this page: ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET: Extensibility Patterns 

To view the slides for this presentation, click here.


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