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Coordinate Reference Systems

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Greetings. I am fairly new to GIS and I encountered this problem concerning projections… Maps don't align despite having the same projections (according to the Properties - XY Coordinates). I already tried with Define Projection, for maps without projections, and Project, for maps with already defined projections. I encountered this problem when… (Show more)
in Coordinate Reference Systems
Any suggestions for the best projected coordinate system (in meters) for the Southeastern US, particularly the state of Florida (entire state), coastal Georgia, and coastal Alabama and Mississippi?
in Coordinate Reference Systems
I have a set of coordinates that i want to convert into a single number representing that location (possibly angle). How do i do that? I want to do circular ANOVA analysis as for those single units as dependent variable. For example i want to convert longitude -100.80, latitude 38.00 to single unit 45. How do i do that? Following is the my set of… (Show more)
in Coordinate Reference Systems
Dear ESRICommunity, I need someone's help ASAP please. I am trying to reproject a shapefile that it is initially projected GCS_Hungarian_1972 to WGS84_UTM_zone_34N but arcmap is giving me an error ' error 000151 Geotransformation is not valid' .  Many thanks))
in Coordinate Reference Systems
Click to view contentHello dear fellow GeoNet members,   While using ArcGIS Pro for the development of my MSc dissertation, I noticed that there quite the lag between two available basemaps, World Imagery and World Light Gray Canvas, as you can see in the iimage bellow.f   For instance I would like to know what's the reason for this.   The shp and raster files… (Show more)
in Coordinate Reference Systems
Given a large land conservation project that is supposed to be monitored over 100 years and principally uses remote sensing to map and update various thematic classes that change over time with ecological dynamics and land use, I'm trying to understand how changes over this 100 year period in remote sensing datasets and Earth's physical surface… (Show more)
in Coordinate Reference Systems
where can i download the prj-file? i relate to an article in arcAktuell from 2010, it's written there that you can download the file from the ESRI-page but i can't find it... thanx
in Coordinate Reference Systems
Hi All,   As stated in the subject I'm investigating to understand if there is an easy way to identify which version of EPSG dataset is bind to a specific version of ArcGIS' Projection Engine. The scenario includes a legacy application, that I'm maintaining,  that uses EPSG datasets to specify CRS and Datum transformation codes. This application… (Show more)
For the last 2-3 weeks I have been back and forth between Hexagon and ESRI's local distributor in Puerto Rico to solve a problem. To date, however I have precious time and don't see a solution in the horizon. This was my workflow: 1) I used GIS online services from NOAA ( to… (Show more)
in Coordinate Reference Systems
I'm looking for a way to perform a height (z value) transformation from one vertical datum to another one. Both vertical datums exist in ArcGIS list. If I define a horizontal coordinate system, then I have a tool to project the data to another horizontal coordinate system, and set the correct datum transformation. I don't see a place to do the… (Show more)
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