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Coordinate Reference Systems

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I imported GeoTiff in to arcgis but Geotiff is in the wrong place.No Geotiff's coordinates but xml file exists.How can I use XML to make the coordinate in the right place?
in Coordinate Reference Systems
Galileo is Europe’s Global Satellite Navigation System (GNSS), providing users with improved positioning and timing information.   The project has been running since the launch of the first operational Galileo satellites GSAT0101 and GSAT0102 in October 2011. The latest Full Operational Capability (FOC) satellites were launch in December 2017 and… (Show more)
in Coordinate Reference Systems
There is no option to see spatial reference information when viewing the properties of a feature class when working in Catalog View or Catalog Pane in ArcGIS Pro 2.1.2.   You can only see spatial reference information when in in Map View and viewing the Layer properties > Source > Spatial Reference.     Has this been address in ArcGIS Pro 2.2?
in Coordinate Reference Systems
Hello Esri-community,   I'm testing various transformation tools in order to transform shapefiles and feature classes from gauss krueger (epsg 31468) to utm32 (epsg 25832). No I'm running into the problem that I get not Esri-readable prj files (e.g. when using ogr2ogr). I think the problem is the problem might be the EPSG name and the GEOGCS name… (Show more)
in Coordinate Reference Systems
Many of my projects are located in Michigan and in Michigan International Feet is the preferred unit of measurement when using NAD83. However, when Calculating Geometry the International Foot unit IS NOT included in the units drop down. If I recall correctly it was included in previous versions before version 9. You may think that using an… (Show more)
I have dataset that my company receives from a vendor every month. We have a script that takes the dataset and clips it to an AOI and transforms the horizontal from NAD27 to WGS84 Web Mercator Auxillary Sphere. There is one feature that has Z values. So my question is do we have to apply a specific transformation to the vertical when we do a… (Show more)
in Coordinate Reference Systems
I have imagery in NAD_1983_2011_UTM_Zone_12N and in NAD_1983_UTM_Zone_12N that won't see eachother and I can't get one or the other to transform. Any ideas on what I can try?
in Coordinate Reference Systems
Hi,   This is a question regarding coordinate system transformation of WGS84 or latlong to KosovoRef.  I am using ArcMap 10.3.1.   I am given the attached excel file given the parameter as differences (-2.37349693011492 and- 1415.26511242054).   I have done an excercise to test this in ArcGIS project tool using the  only kosovo coordinate… (Show more)
in Coordinate Reference Systems
Hi    I am wondering if anyone has some python code (including the maths) to convert from lat / long to northing and easting, allowing the inclusion of a particular zone for the conversion.  I found this code:    The returned northing… (Show more)
in Coordinate Reference Systems
Does anyone know where I can find the equation to put into Excel that will convert CT State Plane coordinates to Lat/Lon?  I know ways to programmatically do this using ArcGIS but have a scenario/workflow where we may need to do this from within Excel.  Thanks!
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