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Hi there!     I have an issue with exporting the annotation of polyline features to dwg. Basically the export works, but the problem is, that the annotation does have carriage returns and so the annotation in the dwg-file now is MTEXT and not (as usual) TEXT. In the attribute table of the annotation the alignment is "bottom center" which would… (Show more)
in CAD/GIS Data Integration
Click to view contentColleagues, I have recently, upgraded to ArcGIS Pro 2.4 so I can use the new Create Building Scene Layer package tool to publish my Revit model as a Scene layer (in less steps). However, the GP tool just doesn't seem to accept any input datasets I point at it. I'm just selecting single layer items directly from my Revit model but just get an… (Show more)
in CAD/GIS Data Integration
Hello,   When I import an already georeferenced AutoCAD drawing into ArcGIS Pro, it does not land on the correct location.    I have used the following different ways to georeference my drawing in AutoCAD:   1. On AutoCAD 2018 there is a Geolocation tool in where I choose the geographic coordinate system and then start to draw. In ArcGIS I add… (Show more)
in CAD/GIS Data Integration
Our company has an ArcGIS online account we use to enter data from the field, via Collector, and to integrate with our GIS environment. What we would like to do is also access this information, and other webmap services created in ArcGIS Online, from our CAD environment (specifically AutoCAD/Map 3D/Civil 3D). We did try going through technical… (Show more)
in CAD/GIS Data Integration
Click to view contentAttempting workflow to pull contours from ArcGIS Pro and open them as working files in AutoCAD LT. After I convert the contours in ArcGIS Pro to a CAD file, AutoCAD LT opens the file, but incorrectly aligned  with the AutoCAD basemap. The scale of the contours is also too small - appears to be at a scale factor of 1/12.   My steps are as follows:… (Show more)
in CAD/GIS Data Integration
Click to view contentIn using the Export to CAD tool, I've specified my Linetype field to match a design standard for our MicroStation software within my organization. When I run the Export to CAD tool the resulting Linetype for the newly created DGN is all "Solid". Has anyone run into this before? If so how did you get line styles to export accurately? Thanks in… (Show more)
in CAD/GIS Data Integration
Hello, I do have a *.shp in EPSG 25832. I ahve tried tow scenarios transform this to *.dwg in EPSG 31468: 1. Project shapefile and then export this to CAD 2. Export shapefile to CAD while setting 31468 as target CRS in the environment of the Export to CAD function.   1. Gives a correct *.dwg 2. Gives a *.dwg with a location shifted about 150… (Show more)
in CAD/GIS Data Integration
ArcMap Spatial Adjustment Toolbar.....  How I miss you!  Where did this go in ArcPro? I just want to move a dataset that is not projected into the correct location using established reference points. Georeferencing of rasters in ArcPro seems to be similar as in ArcMap, but editing a feature class to move/stretch it (or even multiple feature… (Show more)
in CAD/GIS Data Integration
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