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CAD/GIS Data Integration

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i have model created on revit2019 how can i imported on the gispro2.2? thanks
in CAD/GIS Data Integration
I am a current student about to complete my associates degree in GIS and working toward a B.S. in Geography with a minor in Geo spatial Science. Currently I am workling for a Surveying company that does work for home builders. What I am wanting to do is take the points that are collected across a lot in a 10 ft. grid and create an elevation map to… (Show more)
in CAD/GIS Data Integration
I work for a small utility company and I am in the process of scanning hundreds of old construction plans and as-builts from around the area. My plan is to georeference some of these maps and have them available for crews working in the field. I currently have it where some hand drawings can be accessed by links in the attribute tables but these… (Show more)
in CAD/GIS Data Integration
So I have a dilemma with features not lining up with rasters (MrSids) after inserting a basemap from ESRI.  The raster lines up with the basemap, while the features display in the pacific.  I have tried projecting the data to the same coordinate system of the rasters and setting the data frame to the same system.  Is this a problem related to the… (Show more)
in CAD/GIS Data Integration
Hi all,   I am trying to export GIS to CAD (DGN). There are some additional ArcGIS attributes generated in ArcMap, and I would like to export and preserve them.   The "Export to CAD" tool doesn't seem to be able to do so? Or I might have missed out some steps?   Do advise. Thanks.
in CAD/GIS Data Integration
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