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CAD/GIS Data Integration

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I'm trying to better understand how the Cad to GDB conversion works relative especially to Annotation being assigned a Coded Value in the GDB based on level within the DGN. The assignment of the Coded Value seems almost random and this causes issues when attempting to merge data from two very similar but slightly differing DGN layer structure… (Show more)
in CAD/GIS Data Integration
I am a student working on a school project that is unfamiliar with ArcGIS software.  I need to complete a grading plan on a site, and for this I need to move a raster with elevation data into AutoCAD.  The current file type is OVR and I need to convert this file into AutoCAD without losing any of the elevation data.  Any help would be greatly… (Show more)
Our company has an ArcGIS online account we use to enter data from the field, via Collector, and to integrate with our GIS environment. What we would like to do is also access this information, and other webmap services created in ArcGIS Online, from our CAD environment (specifically AutoCAD/Map 3D/Civil 3D). We did try going through technical… (Show more)
in CAD/GIS Data Integration
I have a AutoCAD drawing, containing AutoCAD blocks with different definition. each block contains attribute tags. When I directly add AutoCAD drawing in ArcGIS Desktop 10.5 or ArcGIS Pro 1.3, it creates separate feature class for each block on the fly in Add data dialog box or catalog window.   as shown in following snapshot all the blocks are… (Show more)
Whenever I try exporting to CAD in ArcMap without a seed file attached the dwg lines up correctly with the shapefile. When I add a seed file the size of the blocks becomes tiny and the entire dwg moves to completely different location on my map.It is supposed to be Erie County in New York. The shapefiles are in WGS 84. Any help is much appreciated.… (Show more)
in CAD/GIS Data Integration
Hello,   I have received a .dwg file of a lot layout proposal. I am trying to overlay this lot layout over a map in ArcMap 10.5. Is there an easy way to do this? I'm guessing the spatial references don't line up because I can't seem to get the map and .dwg in the same data frame.   Thanks!
in CAD/GIS Data Integration
Does anyone have any experience with Autocad 2018? The latest release doesn't seem to be compatible with ArcMap Desktop 10.5. I've tried running the CAD to GDB tool and adding the files in the table contents - both are coming up blank, when they would work fine with the previous Autocad 2017.   I'm not very familiar with Autocad, but the drawing… (Show more)
in CAD/GIS Data Integration
Hi, I am new at understanding ArcGIS and ArcMap. What I have is a lot of AutoCAD geometery that I want to import into Arcmap. I then want to create/insert data to that geometry in Arcmap. I have no problem with getting cad geometry into Arcmap. It's just that I don't know what tutorial or step to take next to start to crate a geodatabase for all… (Show more)
in CAD/GIS Data Integration
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