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We are pleased to share that, once again, our team of GIS innovators will be exhibiting at the annual Esri User Conference. The crew will be showcasing ArcGIS Online solutions, UAV services, and GEOPowered Cloud Managed Services for ArcGIS at the 2018 International ESRIUC. Our team is looking forward to spending the week in San Diego and sharing how our solutions exemplify “The Power of GIS, Simplified”.


The GEO Jobe team will be available to answer questions, provide product demos, and discuss custom solutions built on the ArcGIS platform. Additionally, they will be sharing what’s planned for the company’s popular solutions including the award-winning Admin Tools 1.2 for ArcGIS Online (free, Pro, and for Portal), Mapfolio, GEO Powered Cloud Managed Services, and other new solutions. David Hansen, GEO Jobe COO, will be on hand to discuss GEO Jobe software development, partner opportunities, and enterprise solutions, as well as experiences with the ArcGIS Marketplace and working with Esri small business start-ups. Note, Hansen is also very passionate about the YPN and is always eager to discuss the ArcGIS ecosystem with young professionals! 


GEO Jobe swag – Stop by the GEO Jobe Booth 2031 to meet the team. We’ll have some cool #MapThis swag & giveaways!

Visit wit the GEO Jobe team at ESRIUC

If you’d like to book a time to see us or arrange a meeting, feel free to reach out to us via Twitter @geojobegis or email – See you in San Diego!

More info here

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands for ‘Secure’. It means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted. Admin Tools Pro enables users to change Web Map Service URLs and this KBase tip explains more.

The following is a workflow that requires the Admin Tools Pro version to change Web Map Service URLs:

  1. In the Items category, under the Update section, select the “Find and Replace Web Maps Services URLs” tool.
  2. In the “Find” text box, enter “http:” (make sure to include the colon, to avoid false-flagging the “http” in https).
  3. In the “Replace With” text box, enter “https:” (again, making sure to include the colon).
  4. Click the Next button and select any items you wish to update.
  5. Again, click the Next  button, confirm that your selections are correct and press the Done button.
  6. Your Web Map Service URLs should now be updated to be https.

Tip: use the same work flow to change https to http.

This Tip is archived in our Knowledge Base.

The GEO Jobe Knowledge Base is a public, community resource where users and those interested in GEO Jobe’s enterprise solutions, particularly Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online and the geo powered cloud solution, can access help resources, answers to frequently asked questions, articles, support documents, and more via a friendly, easy to use, helpful web site.


See also this blog post from the MapThis blog

We’re pleased to announce a recent update of our popular Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online – enter Admin Tools V 1.0.13! The latest version of Admin Tools (consistently a TOP app in the Esri ArcGIS Marketplace) gives the ArcGIS Administrator even more functionality and resources to perform their job even better.

Simply jump to the ArcGIS Marketplace and get Admin Tools (Free) or Admin Tools Pro for even more power in your toolbox!

New Features in Admin Tools V 1.0.13

  • Update Items Credits (Attribution) Update that Credits (Attribution) field of items
  • Update Items Description Append or replace text of item descriptions
  • Update Groups Description Append or replace text of group descriptions
  • An option to store settings on the Admin Tools server is now available on the Settings page under Settings Storage
  • Pro Update Web Maps Services URLs Can now update by item id (PRO)

Other Improvements & Enhancements

  • Export CSV Tools Now has a Select All/Deselect All checkbox on the field selection page
  • Update Web Maps Services URLs Now filters WebMaps first (PRO)
  • Import Items from JSON Now updates after creating item – importing JSON with owner other than yourself will update to new owner (PRO)

More details are provided in this official PR announcement


Admin Tools is available to planners, GIS administrators and other GIS professionals in local government,K-12 and Higher education, utilities, and facilities management and can be found in the ArcGIS marketplace (free, pro, and Portal versions). See


Add yourself to the Admin Tools crowdsourced user map

Imagine this… you’ve lost access to your custom templates for your web apps in ArcGIS Online, now what?? If you try to share a map as an application, and there is no longer an option to choose one of the various application templates provided by ArcGIS Online or other configurable app templates, you may need to reset your templates group. 

Indeed this can be frustrating, and nerve racking but we feel your pain and we’ve seen this before. We’ve also heard from our Admin Tools users and have responded to this question a number of times.  The following solution has been provided in the Kbase:


Follow the below steps to correct this.

  1.  Login to your Organization, and navigate to the "My Organization" page.
  2.  Click "Edit Settings"
  3. Click the "Map" tab
  4. Change the "Configurable Apps" Settings back to the Esri default. NOTE: This will change your settings to the ESRI Group. You may also switch it back to one of your other groups if your admin already has a custom template group that should be used.
  5. Click "Save" at the top of the page.

These steps along with screen shots and sample imagery is provided in this KBase article

We’re pleased to announce something new this week to support the users of our popular applications and for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online enterprise users – the GEO Jobe Knowledge Base (Kbase).

Developed by our support team, the knowledge base promises to be your go-to help and information resource to answer all your questions about our products for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online enterprise users, Admin Tools, Mapfolio, MapLapse, and the geo powered cloud.

The GEO Jobe Knowledge Base is a public, community resource where users and those interested in GEO Jobe’s enterprise solutions, particularly Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online and the geo powered cloud solution, can access help resources, answers to frequently asked questions, articles, support documents, and more via a friendly, easy to use, helpful web site.

Designed using a friendly, simple to use layout, organized by topic, the knowledge base provides a wealth of information to users. Key sections of the resource include a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ), a handy list of recently updated articles, alphabetical listing of topics, and links to other support resources.  The community is invited to access the Knowledge base at

See also this video for a demo #admintools 

Usually we share this only with the users of Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online. But, given that admin Tools is free (although, yes indeed there is an awesome Pro version!) we figured we should share it with the entire community - enjoy!


We rolled out our monthly AdminToolTips #Newsletter today - 

See the newsletter at

Admin Tool Tips: Protect your Data Assets With Delete Protection:

Admin Tools “Update Items Delete Protection” enables you to easily protect your valuable data from a costly house keeping mistake.
Spring, In-Class Training

Geospatial Training Event: Introduction to Programming ArcGIS with Python Workshop
Admin Tool Tips:

Update and Create WebMap Bookmarks with Admin Tools

GEO Jobe Welcomes Blake Bilbo

Blake brings a great mix of advanced technical support experience with GIS weaved throughout. This is exactly what we need and we’re excited for his leadership in taking our support system to the next level.

Admin Tools, an Essential App

Admin Tools was recently listed in several  Top Lists of Essential Apps for ArcGIS Professionals

If interested, you can register to receive our monthly newsletter of Admin Tools and ArcGIS Online tips HERE

Managing your organization’s ArcGIS user accounts and, in particular, user access and user entitlements can be a head-ache, but it doesn’t have to be! The following will describe, briefly, how you can provision your users and add or remove access to your ArcGIS Online apps.


Imagine the scenario, you have licenses for a number of Esri, ArcGIS applications that are in heavy demand by your users. For example, you have access to an ArcGIS Pro license(s) and Drone2Map but you don’t have licenses for all users. you need an efficient way to grant user access to these apps within your organization. The Add Entitlements tool will make this a breeze for you to manage.



Start your instance of Admin Tools for ArcGIS – When the application was first provisioned from the ArcGIS Marketplace you may have bookmarked the launch url, if not you can launch the app from – this is the url you will want to bookmark.


- To begin, select the User Tools Option, then Add (or Remove) Entitlements from Users

- Selecting the Add Entitlements option will then bring up a list of all the users within your organization, select the user(s) whom you need to provide system access to.  Then, select an entitlement to add or provide the user access so, for example, this might be the ability to use ArcGIS Pro, Drone2Map, Survey 123 or some other application that you have licensed for your organization.

- You can then add or remove access at your discretion or as your projects dictate.


You don’t have Admin Tools yet? No problem, visit the ArcGIS Marketplace where you can add the app to your account (for named account holders).


Source article and more Tips HERE

Groups are a powerful resource for ArcGIS users and user organizations. Groups can be made up of users from a common organization or perhaps a public group who all share a common interest. Creating Groups for use in ArcGIS Online can be somewhat tedious, however, it doesn’t have to be. Admin Tools for ArGIS Online has a set of tools that are specifically for the creation and management of groups and group properties. The following “how to” provides a quick look at how easy it is to create a group.


Start your instance of Admin Tools for ArcGIS – When the application was first provisioned from the ArcGIS Marketplace you may have bookmarked the lauch url, if not you can launch the app from – this is the url you will want to bookmark.


Once launched, you’ll be presented with the Tools homepage. Select the Group Tools icon or click on the text link to the left that reads Browse Group Tools. Complete and simple instructions to do this for yourself are found in this blog post #- good luck and enjoy!


  • Backup pop-up configurations, symbology, custom filters, etc.
  • Backup all your web map and web app configurations at once.
  • Restore corrupt web maps and web apps to their original working state.
  • Backup and restore intensive Story Map configurations.
  • Save backups to your local desktop for safe keeping.


Get the Admin Tools here

admintools-logo.pngWhether you’re an ArcGIS Online expert or just getting started, you should make your way on over to the ArcGIS Marketplace today and see whats new. This is a repository for plug-and-play GIS applications built on top of the ArcGIS Online platform. Similar to that of the Apple Store and Android Marketplace available for your smartphone except this one is for GEO-Geeks. The idea is that an ArcGIS Online user can access and use industry focused GIS apps on-demand with less hassle, overhead and complexity in which to setup and start using immediately.

This week, GEO-Jobe GIS contributed its 3rd, yes you heard that right, THIRD application called Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online to this new Marketplace . The creation of this application was developed as a result of our client’s desire (as well as our own) to perform tasks to many (or bulk) items, users, or groups within ArcGIS Online. Before the release of this tool, these tasks were very time consuming or not even possible within ArcGIS Online which exemplifies what the ArcGIS Marketplace is all about; Expanding the capabilities of ArcGIS Online. Below I have listed three reasons you should visit the ArcGIS Marketplace and choose Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online, NOW!

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 9.38.16 AM1.) A “Free Trial” is available – By choosing the Free Trial we are giving you an unlimited “Basic” license to use Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online for free. This gives you the ability to kick the tires and see how the application operates. It’s also a way for us to let you see the direction of the product while making it useful for you by including some functionality. We also provide a way for you to submit requests for new functionality. So, if the tool you’re looking for is not listed, submit it to our team and we may include it in our next release or email you back with a workflow of how to use the existing tools to accomplish your task.


2.) Expand your ArcGIS Online toolbox – Adoption of ArcGIS Online is still growing so expanding the number of tools at your disposal is only going to help you in the long run. Even if you only choose access to the Free Trial and have never run into the problems the application is currently solving it will add another tool to your ArcGIS Online tool belt. The tool will be there in waiting for that fine moment to shine. So, becoming familiar with the ins and outs of this application will significantly reduce the time it takes you to solve the problem when it comes up. Because it will come up, trust me.


3.) Finally, Go try out the ArcGIS Marketplace once and for all – We feel this tool gives you the perfect reason for finally going on over and giving the ArcGIS Marketplace a good run through. After choosing Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online and seeing how easy it is to add applications to your ArcGIS Online account, go ahead and browse all the other amazing apps that are already out there, like umm…Mapfolio maybe.

If you have any questions about the App or its capabilities please feel free to contact us. 615-883-0085. In the meantime, get out there and try some new things out or new ways of doing things. It’s a new year, Right? You might be surprised at what you find that makes your life so much easier.