Topology Check Python AddIn (12/10/18)

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Hey everybody,


To echo what I wrote here: Topology AddIn Guinea Pig wanted 


On a monthly basis I create a bunch of topologys to make sure that my polygon layers don't overlap or have gaps (ESN). I also run a topology on my street layer to find street segments that aren't snapped. This process consists mostly of models.


Since I always try to help my Public safety brethren, I figured I compile my process in a Python AddIn, that "should be easy to use". You can check polygon layers for gaps and overlaps. You can also check line layers for unsnapped and overlapping features. This addon will automatically add the errors to your MXD and makes it easy to fix them.


Since the latest version is stable and ready for release, I figured I create a document in the python forum. When I update my AddIn, I will also update this document.


Latest Version 1.1: Dropbox -  (Added a check that will look for lines that are not broken at polygon borders)


If you would like to see the source code, you can download it here.


Please read the readme file after downloading the AddIn.


Let me know if you want anything added or if you find a bug!



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