Map Info Widget Version 2.2.3 - 1/27/2017

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The purpose of this widget is to provide the user with easy access to basic information about the web map that is being used in the WAB app. This widget was created with WAB DE 2.2 and has been tested in 2.16 with no issues. 


Features of the widget:


  • Get current map Extent 
    • Projection Coordinates
    • Geographic Coordinates
  • Get map Spatial Reference
  • Get Web Map Information
    • Title
    • Map ID
    • Owner
    • ArcGIS Online Sharing level
    • Tags
  • Get Map Layer Info
    • A list of the unique layer ID's that are assigned to the layers when they are added to the Web Map.
      • Feature Layers
      • Dynamic MapService Layers


If there are any questions/suggestions please let me know!


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