Traverse Widget 2.5 - 11/14/2017

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11/14/2017 - Tested with WAB 2.5. Updated default linesymbol drawing to a solid line as export/import as GeoJSON had issues with a short dash line.

07/05/2017 - Fixed problem with CSS that was interfering with the attribute table display. Also added the ability to toggle the infowindow/popup display, some users want to be able to click on control points or other geometry and get more information.

12/07/2016 - Changed timeout on warning from 3 seconds to 6 seconds

12/06/2016 - Added warning to user when changing distance unit type or angle type when the traverse has courses
      Popups were disabled to prevent display when drawing courses
      Default values were added to the settings for DD or DMS, Quadrant or Azimuth, Distance Units and Area Units
      Logic was added to allow the user to key in a file name when saving a traverse, GeoJSON or a report
12/02/2016 - Fixed problem that was preventing widget use in projections other than Web Mercator


The traverse widget allows you to create, edit and save a geographic shape based on bearing and distance measurements.  Course degrees can be entered in decimal degrees or degree minute second formats. Course angles can be quadrants or north azimuth angles. Course distances can be in a variety of units. The traverse can be rotated around the start point.  Traverse areas and closures will always be calculated. Once created the traverse can be saved a GeoJSON shape or saved in a structure compatible with ArcMap CoGo  or ParcelFabric. Saved traverse files can be loaded and used at a later time.


A demo of the traverse widget can be found here: Traverse Demo


A sample traverse text file you can use with the demo can be found here: Sample Traverse File


A help document explaining the use of the traverse widget can be found here: Help!


The creation of this widget was a collaboration between myself an Dean Anderson from Polk County, Oregon.

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