Batch Rename Field Alias

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So this was just a play tool idea I had, but I ultimately was not pleased with how I ultimately handled the inputs. The input is literally text, and I thought about remap tables or other objects but was not sure it was much better. I actually would like input or advice on an appropriate input past the solution I made.

Code is revealed in the the script folder, but the main thing I have been playing with is functions to assist in tool creation such as ArcPrint and the get field index functions which I used with DA cursors a little bit. If anyone has any good patterns for indexing by field name with DA cursors I would love to hear it.

I am no longer supporting this tool, so it is really provided on this page as is. If there is a strong desire for an update please comment below. 





This scripting tool is designed to take in multiple field-alias pairs to rename multiple fields simultaneously. This tool is intended to make backend data preparation for web maps where revealed names should be understandable to the application user or for back-end data management for formatted or frequently updated data. If you have standard data, you can save the run for this tool and apply it to applicable areas.






This tool is really designed to help make renaming field aliases for data management or web display purposes potentially easier, specifically formatted data that might be used again (census data, private data, etc) or data that is updated on a regular basis.