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Hi All,


I got inspired by an Arcpy Cafe post to develop a tiny scripting tool that takes an existing polyline feature layer and proportionally splits into  a desired number of segments of equal length. This scripting tool will enable you to do batch editing based on either an input field or just split all the lines into segments of equal length. This tool WILL attempt to copy the fields from the original feature class.

I have since changed these tools so that they include more editing tools to assist with generating linear study geometries generally. These tools include:

  • Feature Line Split - create a new feature class that has input lines split into an arbitrary number of segments.

  • Feature Line Pull - create a new feature class that has input lines split pulled back a target length.

  • Feature Line Whiskers - create a new feature class that perpendicular lines generated based on the sampled headings of the input polylines.

  • Feature Line Corridor Assembly - will add corridor ids to an output line network for all lines that are parallel within a tolerance and spatially connected/contiguous.

For more info see the links below:

Github Repo for the tool is here: 

Download Link

GitHub - d-wasserman/study-line-editor: The goal of this toolbox is provide a set of batch line editing tools for ArcGIS… 




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