Swipe Plus Widget Version 1.1.3 April 11, 2015

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2/18/2017 - update download linke


This widget is an enhancement of the Esri Swipe Widget.


Live Preview Site


Bug Fixes in Version 1.1.3


  1. Fixed the _WidgetMetadataMixin so it would work with FireFox and IE as well as Chrome.
  2. Updated the Live Preview Site.


Enhancements and Changes in Version 1.1.2


  1. Added the _WidgetMetadataMixin to the widget.  Allows you to Alt-Click the widget header and see the version information.


Enhancements and Changes in Version 1.1.1


  1. Changed the z-index of the widget so it would not be under other widgets (e.g. Coordinate Widget) on a smart phone.
  2. Added a Close Button to the layer menu so it can be closed on a touch device.
  3. Modified the behavior of the widget icon for touch devices so you can open the layer menu.  If the widget is open and the layer menu is closed, tapping the icon will open the layer menu.  If the widget and the layer menu are both open, tapping the widget icon closes the widget.




  1. All three styles are available (Vertical, Horizontal, and Spotlight.
  2. Multiple layers can be selected to swipe.
  3. Three sizes of Spotlight to choose from.
  4. Cursor reverts to default cursor when in the Spotlight to indicate popups are available. (You can still move the Spotlight from within.)
  5. Position of the Vertical and Horizontal swipe bars and the Spotlight are remembered (within the current browser session).




SwipePlus-1.1.3-2015-4-11 (download - widget by Larry Stout) 


Larrys Custom WAB Widgets and More

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