Integrated Mosquito Management | Questions & Answers

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Here are the questions and answers from the Integrated Mosquito Management Public Works Meetup

  • Q1: Does this truck chemical inventory work with Sentinel Program and can be installed on the Trimble?
  • A1:  On-Truck Inventory is being introduced in FieldSeeker (Web & iOS) first.  Our product roadmap includes broadening out the devices that these tools are available on, but currently it is not available with Sentinel or Trimble (Windows Mobile) devices.


  • Q2: Is it only Fieldseeker that works with ArcGIS Online features?  Will Sentinel GIS perform these features shown (Dashboard, Heat Maps, Geoforms, etc).
  • A2:  Sentinel GIS can also be integrated with GeoForms, status maps, etc.  We can help you set this up and show you how to use ArcGIS Online for yourself.


  • Q3: What training is provided and how easy is it to use the software?
  • A3:  We provide all levels of support and training, from self-help resources such as Quick Start User Guides, training videos, and Support Notes to remote Webinar-style orientations and remote support connections to phone and email support to on-site training.  Esri training and resources are also available for the platform itself (ArcGIS Online, Desktop, etc.). 


  • Q4: Can mosquito data be used for other Public Works uses?
  • A4:  Yes. All data is collected in standard Esri geodatabases (file or SDE), and all data is available for other uses.


  • Q5: Will you be expanding software for other mobile devices than Apple? For example, Windows.
  • A5:  Yes. Sentinel currently supports Windows & Windows Mobile devices.  FieldSeeker supports Windows Mobile and iOS devices.  Our product roadmap includes supporting all the main device operating systems in the near future (iOS, Android, Windows).


  • Q6: Is Elecdata planning on going international?
  • A6:  Yes. We have some customers in Canada but we have entertained interest in Australia, Africa, and the Middle East.