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Esri UC 2020 GeoEvent FAQ

Questions and Answers from the Expo Floor:

  • What is ArcGIS GeoEvent Server
    • GeoEvent Sever is one of several license roles for ArcGIS Enterprise. You license and install GeoEvent Server to add real-time capabilities to your Enterprise. GeoEvent Server, out-of-the-box, provides configurable inputs for connecting to a variety of data streams from virtually any data provider.
  • What is a GeoEvent Service
    • A GeoEvent Service is an event processing workflow you design and publish using the GeoEvent  Manager web application. You drag, drop, and configure an input to specify how data will be received. You add and configure an output to specify what will be done with the data the GeoEvent Service processes. You then add one or more filters and processors to the service, connect the nodes to define an event processing workflow, and publish the GeoEvent Service.
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  • What's New in GeoEvent Server 10.8 / 10.8.1
    • Significant work went into simplifying common user workflows enabling users to maintain their focus on configuring and publishing GeoEvent Services. Most of what you need to do is now done from within the Service Designer rather than switching to a different web page in the GeoEvent Manager. The status, catalog, and option to create, edit, and delete primary service components (inputs, outputs, etc.) is now available from a consolidated Monitor page in the GeoEvent Manager. There is also a new GeoEvent Sampler utility built into the Service Designer allowing you to see the effect filters and processors you configure have on event records as they are received in real-time. For details, please see the PDF attached to this article.
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