Automate ArcGIS Enterprise Backup

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It's a good practice to backup your ArcGIS Enterprise in the event of failure or corruption.  Doing so allows you to recover the portal items, services, and data that existed at the time you created the backup.  This document and attached script will help you automate this procedure.  Here are the steps:


1.  Following the steps in this help document, edit the file accordingly.

2.  Once you have the file edited, update the variables in the attached script.

  1. backupDirectory - should be the same as the BACKUP_LOCATION variable in the file
  2. previousBackups - a directory of your choose where you can store previous backups
  3. batFile - the path to a batch file (.bat) that this python script will execute
  4. days - the number of days to retain previous backups in the previous backups directory

3.  Edit the attached WEBGISDR_Export_Full.bat file using a text editor (i.e. Notepad++)

  1. Line 2 - Specify a path to the webgisdr directory (i.e. C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\portal\tools\webgisdr)
  2. Line 3 - Specify the file parameter to the path where the file exists

4.  Set up Windows Task Scheduler to execute the python script on a scheduled basis.  It would be best to perform full backups while there is less traffic on your network, i.e. after business hours.


Note:  Refer to this section of what's included in the backup, and what is not.

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