HeatMap 1.2 - updated

Document created by friesgaard on Apr 20, 2018
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I found the original Heat Map Widget 1.3 05/10/2018 to be lacking some features. (author: Adri2c Pérez Beneito)

So I started to add some features, then ended up fixing some bugs and the also added an advanced settings widget.

  1. data-dojo-attach-point - removed all use of ids, they often result in errors and are most likely are not unique. Instead I use data-dojo-attach-point.
  2. HeatMapLayer now also render layers without an url (say a layer with a featureCollection - often loaded from file e.g. GeoLookup).
  3. HeatMap widget load layers added after the widget has been initialized.
  4. Adds config and setting.js, where it is possible to change:
  • geometry: which geometry can be rendered as heatmap
  • colorStops: setup heatmapslider colors (with colorpicker, drag and drop, etc)


The widget can be found here: WAB-Custom-Widgets/HeatMapES5 at master · Eightyplus/WAB-Custom-Widgets · GitHub