ArcGIS Pro - Performance issues / SQL Server 2012

Document created by djhoffman1973 on Feb 22, 2018
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I’m curious if anyone has run into performance issues with ArcGIS Pro as it relates to accessing data over a network to a remotely located SQL Server 2012 DB.  The Geoprocessing issue in particular we are trying is simply doing a ‘Select By Location’ of parcels against another layer, and it is taking almost 10 minutes; in ArcMap it takes about 20 - 30 seconds.  It is not a big selection, only 300 polygons.  We have done the following troubleshooting tasks:

  • Upgraded to latest version of Pro (2.1.1)
  • Worked on a local version of parcels (worked really fast doing this – points to network issues)
  • Deleted Geoprocessing History in Pro
  • Created spatial index on parcels in Pro
  • Increasing the
  • Started a brand new project and only brought in a few layers to do this select by location task
  • Had other staff in our department and other departments – unanimously this task was super slow when accessing this SQL Server database
  • Increased virtual memory on SQL Server


The SQL server is located remotely, with multiple departments accessing it.  Pinging the server shows a 4-5 MS return time which is considered excessive (over .05 - .10 MS), but again, ArcMap works fine.


We suspect the problem has to do with how ArcGIS Pro interacts with the network (people say Pro is "chatty").  I’m not finding a lot of literature on how to configure ArcGIS Pro any more than we’ve already done.  I do see a similar Geo-NET article here, though the culprit for this case was .lyr files that referenced layers from an Oracle DB.  I’m wondering if anyone out there has experienced these issues with their network and / or SQL Server and has resolved it?  Below is a screenshot from ArcMon to illustrate the specific processes that took the most time, if that is helpful.


I really do like using Pro, but these kind of performance issues is really a hindrance to doing the full switchover.