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This .bat script launches a ArcGIS Desktop app using the specified license level. The script assumes that the desktop is set up for concurrent use, not single use licensing.


To use the script, save the code to a text file and rename with a .bat extension. Users can run it with a double-click from Windows Explorer, or you could setup a shortcut for them.


The nice thing about this script is it does not require the user to alter any environment variables or run anything that requires elevated privileges.


This script may be useful for organizations with a limited number of Standard (ArcEditor) or Professional (ArcInfo) licenses. Users could be set up with an Viewer (ArcView) license and instructed to start up desktop using an elevated license level when needed. The next time they launch ArcGIS Desktop in the normal way, it will be using their installed setup.


@echo off
set server=%1
set class=%2
set app=%3
:: set defaults if not provided
if "%server%"=="" set server=27004@your_default_server
if "%server%"=="#" set server=27004@your_default_server
if "%class%"=="" set class=PROFESSIONAL
if "%class%"=="#" set class=PROFESSIONAL
if "%app%"=="" set app=arcmap
:: set up environment and launch application
:: report values
set arcgis
set esri
echo Starting %app%.exe ...
start /d "%AGSDESKTOPJAVA%bin" /b %app%.exe


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