Next ArcGIS Online Update Planned: March 31

Blog Post created by LTerpstra-esristaff Employee on Mar 9, 2020

On the evening of March 31 (PDT), we plan to update ArcGIS Online.



New Tools Coming in Beta

  • ArcGIS Notebooks, Esri's integrated Jupyter notebook experience, will be available in beta with ArcGIS Online 8.1. ArcGIS Notebooks will allow you to combine the ArcGIS Python libraries with the larger open-source Python ecosystem for spatial data management, spatial analysis, and data science. 
  • Build simple, responsive applications with the beta version of Esri's popular minimalist Configurable App. Now it can use ArcGIS API for Javascript 4X, and you can include the new functionality from maps authored in Map Viewer beta.
  • A beta for the next version of ArcGIS Dashboards, built using ArcGIS API for Javascript 4x, will be available shortly after the March ArcGIS Online release. New enhancements include improved usability and performance, plus ArcGIS Arcade support for list and indicator elements.


HTTP Layer Notifications

ArcGIS Online is preparing to enforce HTTPS-only communication starting December 8, 2020. At the March release, organizations who have chosen not to utilize HTTPS for their web services will receive a notification informing them that adding layers and content via an HTTP URL will not work after December 8, 2020. For more information, read the blog.


Regional Subscriptions

ArcGIS Online is launching the capability to choose the region where your geospatial data is stored. With the March update of ArcGIS Online, customers will be able to select their data hosting region (United States or Europe) at the time of purchase. Subscriber and subscription information, item metadata, LBS services and processing (analytics, geocoding, routing, etc.), and back-office systems (subscriber management, credit accounting) will always remain in the US. Regional hosting will be for new subscriptions only.


Support for Social Logins with GitHub

Social logins can be an efficient way for organization members to create and manage access to an ArcGIS Online organization account. With the March update of ArcGIS Online, GitHub will be added as a supported social login. 



Please note that all planned updates are subject to change. A comprehensive list of implemented changes will be provided in our What's New email, blog, and documentation.