ArcGIS Blog: Getting started with hosted feature layer views

Blog Post created by KGerrow-esristaff Employee on Dec 15, 2016

Check out this blog about new functionality with Hosted Feature Layers:


With the latest update to ArcGIS Online we’ve introduced a powerful new capability called hosted feature layer views. The best way to understand hosted feature layer views is through an example. Let’s say you wanted to publish a layer for people in your community to report coyote sightings.  In its simplest form, it could just be a hosted feature layer in a map. However, most organizations want a bit more structure than that. If you looked across all the users of the data, you’d find they all need something slightly different to have a great and focused experience. While every organization’s workflow is slightly different, the requirements might look something like this....


For more reading, go to the blog: Getting started with hosted feature layer views | ArcGIS Blog