• Creating hillshades from mosaicked 10m DEMs across UTM zones

    Hello!   I am attempting to make a set of large hillshades in ArcMap for California (split into 6 zones). I downloaded 10m DEMs for every county from NED. I created mosaics for each county, and then mosaick...
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  • Why does the mean of a raster have the value "nan"?

    I used the tool Calculate Statistics on a few raster files. With most of them I got useful values for Min, Max, Mean and Std dev. But for 4 of them the Mean and Std dev. row only show the value "nan" while Min and Max...
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  • Problems about Euclidean Tool(Euclidean allocation)

    Hi,   I've run in to some problems when I've tried to use the euclidean-distance tool. As you can see on the picture the results are not displayed on the existing layers   I also read the posts provided by...
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  • How to create a percentile raster from .gdb containing multiple rasters?

    Hi,   I am trying to create a 5th and 95th percentile raster from a geodatabase containing multiple rasters (ranging from 26-60 rasters per .gdb).  Essentially, I would like to perform the same function as ...
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  • Topo to Raster error 000000_12301899

    Hello,  I am having a problem when using geoprocessing tool Topo to Raster. In geoprocessing results tab I get red cross and "Topo to Ratser 000000_12301899".  What reason may couse that error? How it...
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  • Error message using Euclidean Distance Tool in ArcMap

    I'm trying to use the Euclidean Distance Tool in ArcMap, but it is constantly showing this error message: [Error 999999: Error executing function] [Failed to execute (EucDistance)]. I tried to close my program, r...
  • Raster Classification

    I have recently flown aerials for our township. Our arborist wants me to do a Tree Canopy Assessment. There is a free toolbox to download. I had to acquire spatial analyst to use the toolbox. I've never worked anywher...
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  • Too many contours to TopoToRaster into elevation?

    Simply put, I am trying to convert 10m contours of an island into a rough picture of the elevation - there is no need for high accuracy here Upon running the topo to raster tool it says there are too many points (15...
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  • What does the AEX in ESRI basemap source stand for?

    Credits (Attribution)Source: ESRI, i-cubed, USDA FSA, USGS, AEX, GeoEye, AeroGRID, Getmapping, IGP
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  • Failed DEM from LiDAR

    I created a DEM using a multipoint file that was derived from a .LAS file. The DEM did not use a large portion of the points and does not encompass the entirety of the study area. Several million points were excluded ...
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  • Error in calculating Area Solar Radiation

    I am trying to calculate Area Solar Radiation (Spatial Analyst -* Solar Radiation - Area Solar Radiation) from the Canada3D DEM map.  I always get the following error: ERROR 010016: Error in calculating horizon ...
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  • Identify clouds

    Hello all I have many images on top of each other. I would like to identify clouds in a new images, create a polygon around the cloud and make a hole in the boundary of the mosaic. This way I can see the mosai...
  • Intersect stream layer with another layer and preserve its flow direction?

    Hi everyone, I'm wondering if there is a way to intersect a stream segment layer (created by ArcHydro) with another layer (e.g. a grid) but preserve its flow direction (sample in fig. below). The reason for doing thi...
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  • Convert integer raster grid to float grid using one specific column in VAT

    I have a integer raster grid which has a value attribute table with these column: Rowid, VALUE, COUNT, AWC_100, AWC_150 ... I want to convert that grid to a float one using the column AWC_150 from the VAT in ArcGIS 10...
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  • Time series interpolation in ArcGIS

    Dear all, I'm trying to calculate average rainfall value from a number of points using Inverse Distance Weighted tool in ArcGIS 9.3. My problem is that: each point has it own time series, therefore the interpolation ...
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  • Simple calculation based on raster

    Hi there, maybe you can help me: I have a raster layer of the kinetic energy of a rockfall event. Now i want to cut this by to other layers. One contains the slope angel (this shouldn't be under 27) and the other one...
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  • Is the Random Trees Classifier equal to Random Forest?

    Hi ESRI community,    Is the Random Trees Classifier in ArcMap 10.5 the same as what is named Random Forest in other applications/software? I see that the parameters are the same and the design seems the s...
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  • Error 999998: Unexpected Error in most 10.6 Spatial Analyst tools

    I cannot for the life of me figure this out.  I keep getting Error 999998: Unexpected Error when I use tools such as any Map Algebra or Zonal Statistics.  I can get a few to work (Zonal Statistics with the M...
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  • How to assign areas of raster intersecting with polygons

    I have a raster data set of land cover and a set of residential addresses (points). It looks something like this: I want to find out what percentage of each land cover type is within 1km of each address (i.e. in a ...
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  • How to rank pixel values from multiple rasters in ArcGIS Pro with Python

    Hi,   I have a stack of 20 ecosystem service rasters (values from 0 to 1) and I want to derive a ranked list of values from the stack when clicking on a pixel. Any ideas or recommendations? I am a newbee in Pyth...
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