• Tabulate Area results greater than area of input zones

    I have a polygon feature class of zones within a watershed, which I'm using to define zones to tabulate areas of land uses from a land use raster. But...the sum of the areas in the resulting table is very close to dou...
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  • What kind of license is needed to access GeoAnalytics Server?

    What kind of license is needed to access GeoAnalytics Server?
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  • Detect change in agricultural land using satellite imagery

    Hello! I am working on a project where I am trying to detect the expansion of sugarcane crop area over time, using 10 m Sentinel-2 imagery. The area I am researching is about 460,000 acres. Currently I have approached...
    created by mdawsonmc
  • Reclassification of Raster: Slice by Specified Area

    Hi,   I need to reclassify/slice a raster by Specified Area. The functionality seems to be in the Slice function but, only Equal Area.   For 5 classes, Equal Area forces the area for each class to be 20% b...
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  • Symbology Classification Failed

    I have several raster datasets that I am trying to apply a classified symbology to. I would like to use the Natural Breaks method, but when I select the option I am met with the following error: "Classification failed...
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  • Georeferencing issues

    Hello, I recently upgraded to 10.5 from 10.2.1. Everything was going fine until I tried to georeference. Everything would be fine until I hit 'Update Georeference' at which point the tiff would move to a different lo...
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  • Raster calculator "if, then, else" statement

    Does anyone know if in Raster Calculator it is possible to build more complex condition than with the Con tool? I would like to create a new column in my attribute table and evaluate the values in this column based o...
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  • How to select the maximum value in a row

    I would like to know if there is a way to find a maximum value in an attribute table in a row.   I have few columns representing different valuables of an object and I would like to know which variable...
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  • Creating hillshades from mosaicked 10m DEMs across UTM zones

    Hello!   I am attempting to make a set of large hillshades in ArcMap for California (split into 6 zones). I downloaded 10m DEMs for every county from NED. I created mosaics for each county, and then mosaick...
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  • Different results between Zonal Statistics and Zonal Statistics as Table?

    I have a collection of about 1300 points and for each point I want to get the average of a raster layer within a 50 m buffer. I have overlapping polygons. I've been scouring the forums for days now and I still haven't...
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  • How does the list of tools in Image Analyst compare to Spatial Analyst

    - there are tools which are licensed so you can have one of both extensions, but it's hard to make a comprehensive list of which tools overlap.   FMV (Full Motion Video) is an obvious one & Deep Learning - w...
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  • Use arcpy to extract bands from ECW image

    Hi folks This may be more of an arcpy question than an SA question, but I'll ask anyway.   I'm looking for an automated way using arcpy to extract bands from ECW images. The only way I've been able to do this ...
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  • How to switch from GeoServer to ArcGIS Server?

    Hi there,   The organization I work for has been using GeoServer for spatial data and GeoNetwork for metadata, running them both on a Jetty webserver. We are interested in switching from GeoServer to ArcGIS Serv...
  • sum of all pixel/cell values of a raster map

    Hello! I'm trying to sum all cell values of a raster map... I tried ArcToolbox > Spatial Analyst Tools > Zonal > Zonal Statistics > SUM, but it keeps marking the input raster data with eroor icon and give...
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  • Spatial Join, SUM merge rule for numerous join features

    Hi guys, I need to SUM 200+ join features (fields) under "field map of join features" but it seems there is no other way than selecting the "sum" merge rule for every single field. I need to do this operation for 15 o...
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  • Kriging vs Spline with Barriers

    Hi, I'm Jeniffer Soto from the Biogeochemistry group at USGS. We want to create a prediction surface for different water quality parameters along the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Predictions are currently being compl...
  • raster calculator division. erroneous range of values?

    Raster division error?   Need help with raster calculator division   Raster A (CaptureA.PNG) and B (CaptureB.PNG) are both 32 bit. floating point I wanted to divide A by B but the range of the values...
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  • Multiprocessing w/ Spatial Analyst: FATAL ERROR [INFADI] MISSING DIRECTORY

    I am running a complex multiprocessing workflow that involves segmenting an AOI to run through a complex workflow that requires tools from the spatial analyst extension. Occasionally I get an error where one of the pr...
    created by dsiders
  • Very long computation time for focal medians on a high-resolution DEM

    Hello. I need to have focal medians calculated on a DEM, which has floating point values. Its important for me to preserve the tenth/hundredth accuracy. Focal statistics cannot apply non-linear functions like medians ...
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  • Point density tool outputs-units

    Hello all,    I am trying to examine point density of where tropical cyclones form. My output cell size is 100 km^2 (I am looking at the Central Pacific) and my outputs in the legend come out as values...