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Hi all, I have several published map services that have data that is updated once or twice a year. Many of the map services may contain the same layers that we serve to end-users that have different needs. When a layer is updated in our enterprise geodatabase, I have been manually searching for and re-publishing up to 6 or 7 different map services… (Show more)
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Hello,   We would like to know if it is possible and how can be done access the AGOL's geocoding service  acceder el geocoding service de agol, so  A third party can pass an address file in batch or individually and obtain coordinates from it.    We have an organizational account and credits but we just want to use the geocoding service to… (Show more)
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Hi!  There is a problem displaying a video content that doesn't have a SSL certificate in web map. By creating a map using phyton the content is running on the external website. And we embedded an iframe on the dashboard from this website. But unfortunately, the video image can't be displayed on the map because of the certificate. Is there a way… (Show more)
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Hello everyone,   I am trying to publish a service with ArcMap in ArcGIS 10.7, but when I hit validate I am getting the following error message:   High Unresolved 00129 Data frame has layers that record Editor Tracking dates in database time zone, but the service does not have time zone information The feature class has editor tracking enamble… (Show more)
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Greetings, I am trying to add an arcgis online served vector tiles service to a Leaflet map. I am using ( ) to add the vector tiles to a Leaflet v1.3.1 map application.    I am able to add ESRI layers into the Leaflet map using the following simplified code:        var esriTilesUrl =… (Show more)
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I have a point layer of farms with several features, including a TRUE/FALSE field which tells me if the farm has submitted data that we require. We would like to be able to overlay this with a polygon layer of provinces to see per province how many farms have submitted the data, and then list their names in the polygon pop-up. Please note that I… (Show more)
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Hi Esri,I have problem when I want edit configuration for my first web map in Intellij. Namely, my problem is reflected in that, that program can not found class in my module.Why I should do for troubleshooting.Thank you in advance.
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Hello,    We are looking for a way to implement `spot priority` in ArcGIS route optimization service. The requirement is to be able to instruct the routing engine to prioritize some spots over others regardless of geographic location.    Any ideas/thoughts/directions are most welcome.   Thanks!
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Click to view contentI have a arcade formula that gets a the previous 7 days date but how do I sum the values of a field based on the rolling date range? Xander Bakker   var startDate = Date($feature.ReportDate); var oneWeekBefore = DateAdd(startDate, -7, 'days');   IIf(($feature.ReportDate <= startDate && $feature.ReportDate > oneWeekBefore), Sum($feature.Active),… (Show more)
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Click to view content  Will HTTP hyperlinks in <a> tags (not talking about services or other configuration) continue to be supported in pop-ups after AGOL moves to HTTPS Only in December?  The URL is read from the attribute table. The "AGOL HTTP Hyperlink.png" screenshot has the displayed link (boxed in red), with the HTTP URL reference (boxed in orange) from a… (Show more)
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