• Can't find ESRI.ArcGIS.Client ...

    Recently, I switched to a new PC.  For my Silverlight projects, I downloaded and then installed Silverlight SDK 5.from Download Microsoft® Silverlight® 5 SDK from Official Microsoft Download Center ....
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  • A security exception occurred while trying to connect to the 'WMS' service

    Please refer my previous question in the link given below.   https://community.esri.com/message/858968-re-issue-in-accessing-wms-layers-in-arcgis-api-31-for-silverlight?commentID=858968&et=watches.email.thre...
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  • Issue in accessing WMS layers in ArcGIS API 3.1 for Silverlight

    We have developed an ArcGIS based Web application using  .net Silverlight framework (version 5). The application consumes various layers published in ArcGIS server and displays them on the map.   Technolo...
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  • Adding WMS layers ArcGIS API 3.1 for Silverlight & ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Toolkit.DataSources toolkit

    I am trying to add a WMS layer using ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Toolkit.DataSources toolkit to an ArcGIS Server 10.3 web application has been designed using Silverlight version 5 ArcGIS API 3.1 for Silverlight....
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  • How to add wms layer in arcgis silverlight application?

    We need to use wms service to display the data in the map. I referred the websites given below.   https://community.esri.com/thread/69289 http://resources.arcgis.com/en/help/runtime-wpf/concepts/index.html#//0170...
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  • How to Get polygon points from Geometry in Xamarin Android?

    I have drawn polygon using SketchEditor Xamarin (Android & iOS)   Geometry geometry = await _mapView.SketchEditor.StartAsync(SketchCreationMode.Polygon, true);   Now I wa...
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  • infowindow postion is not correct

    Hi guys, I am using the infowindow tookiet in my application. MyMap is located in Grid.row = 4 and grid.column = 1. If I put the infowindow in the same row and column, it opens in a different location from what I j...
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  • Silverlight API problem

    Original User: Toosters Hey Im getting the following error message when Im building a program using Silverligt 4.0, Esri API v1.2 with Visual Studio 10: Error    1      ...
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  • Geometry Service Measuring Area and Lengths Sample

    I have been trying to use the AreaAndLengths to meaure with and have been getting bad values. I looked at the sample - http://help.arcgis.com/en/webapi/silverlight/samples/start.htm#AreasAndLengths And when I go to ...
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  • Map didnot appear in the IE browser

    i have created a service with name cis and make cached so it becomes tiledservice i am calling this services in Blend 4 its shows the tiled layers as shown in the attach jpg  but when i run the project it does ...
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  • Description about the classes

    Original User: ehsan1980 hi. where can i find description about the classes? i could find just "Class diagrams" on the website but there is not any description about them. thanks
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  • update database

    Original User: ehsan1980 Hello, my final project is  a prototype that includes a street layer and users are able to update the attribute of this layer. i am very new in webgis. i think , i should use arcgis serv...
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  • Tilt and Rotation w/ Silverlight

    Hello everyone, I am doing some research and wanted to make sure that I can do tilt and rotation with a seamless environment with the ArcGIS Silverlight SDK. I haven't started development yet, but  I know Bing M...
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  • how can i connect to arcsde?

    Original User: ehsan1980 hi, i have a map in arcsde database, i want to use it as a layer in my web application.. how can i do it with silverlight? is there any sample code?
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  • Routing with Barriers - from Silverlight Samples (not working in the application)

    Could you please help me on putting your suggestions as what to do. I created a new project and I copied the code that is present in the Arc GIS API for Silverlight Samples. The code that i copied from the samples a...
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  • Query GDB

    Original User: Toosters Hello Is there a simple way to query a feature layer located in a GDB just like a mapservice layer? Thx
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  • find discription about ESRI.ArcGIS

    Original User: ehsan1980 hi , how can i find description about ESRI.ArcGIS.Client, ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Behaviors, and ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Toolkit ? something like a hierarchical tree that show all the classes and thei...
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  • How to rotate a polyline on a given xy pivot point

    Original User: jbarry Found this question on the EDN facebook page: Michael Melaku Seriously???  Aiight, i'm hanging on a problem. In a Silverlight Application on  ArcGIS Server 10, I'm trying to rotate a ...
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  • Add a reference to the ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.dll

    Original User: ehsan1980 HI, " Add a reference to the ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.dll in a application " is the first step when we want to add a Map control to our Silverlight application. i installed visual basic ultimate 2...
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  • Geoprocessor and GPImageResultSet: No proxy?

    Greetings all. Silverlight: 4.0 ArcGIS API: 2.1 ArcGIS Server: 9.3.1 SP2 Issue#1 (minor) Problem: The Geoprocessor class does not use its assigned ProxyURL when checking status automatically for SubmitJobAsync. Ex...
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