• Encrypt proxy.config file

    How can I encrypt the proxy.config file that is provided with the proxy handler? the issue is that all the user credentials are stored there in plain text. Is there any scope so that it should behave like web.config f...
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  • Cloud Symbol

    Someone requested that we have the cloud symbol that is popular in CAD as a markup tool.  Is it possible to build a custom graphic type?
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  • how to create a buffer around a feature polygon in a feature layer

    I have created buffer for point geometry and when i try to create a buffer in the same way around a feature polygon in a Feature layer, it is showing an odd shape buffer around that. somebody please advise me to creat...
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  • How to find the midpoint of a polyline?

    Can anyone share with me the easiest way to calculate the midpoint of a polyline on a graphics layer? TIA
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  • esri:map MouseLeftButtonDown event, stuck mouse cursor

    when i use the event MouseLeftButtonDown stuck mouse cursor and i need click in another object to enable map click again "without map follow cursor", anybody know how fix these? ps:I try mouse up event too, this hap...
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  • Hide individual graphics

    Hi, Is it possible to hide individual graphics after they have been added to a graphics layer.  I can't see a visibility property and this doesn't work: searchgraphicsLayer.Graphics[0].Attributes.Add("Visibilit...
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  • Lock request conflicts with an established lock after updating to 10.1

    Hi all, I'm in the process of cutting over from 10.0 to 10.1.  In the new 10.1 environment I'm finding that when performing more than one update to a feature via my Silverlight application I'm receiving this erro...
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  • Timeslider with feature layer so slow.

    I have a time aware layer. When i use it as a map service(ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer) it loads fast and the time slider works. When i render my features with a feature layer instead, it is extremely slow but eventua...
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  • Set an Output Spatial Reference for FeatureLayer?

    Is there a way to set the Output Spatial Reference for a FeatureLayer that references an ArcGIS map service?  I know the map service supports this, but I don't see a way to do it with the FeatureLayer class. ...
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  • Forcing POST for HTTP / HTTPS

    Looks like ArcGIS APIs decide internally on whether to do a POST or GET for mapservice communications, and it happens randomly. Is there a way to force POST methods for all map service communications like query task a...
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  • How to use secure service feature with token in silverlight

    We are in the process of converting a flex application to Silverlight and I'm having issues with tokens.  I get an "invalid token" error in the layer initializationFailed method no matter what I do.  The fle...
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  • Disable Map double-click zoom

    I'm hoping this is an easy one. I would like to disable the zoom that occurs when you double click the map. I have written some code to allow the users to double-click a feature to bring up the detailed information...
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  • Row level Security through silverlight api w/ ActiveDirectoryAuthentication

    Greetings, I'm looking into a way to incorporate row level security, if at all possible on the database side (due to a client's needs), while still using ESRI's rest services.  The scenario is, they have an sd...
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  • Change GraphicsLayer Z Index

    Hi, I know about Graphic.SetZIndex and Graphic.GetZIndex. These methods allow to change the Z index of Graphics in a layer. However, these methods don't exist for the Layer itself. How should I control the Z index f...
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  • An unhandled exception Code:4004 ArcGIS Server 10.4

    I'm getting the attached error message when trying to run a Silverlight application. The applications appears to get this error every time it tries to access a web service from an ArcGIS Server 10.4 install. I have a ...
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  • about after using measure behavior, the graph can't stay in the map

    Hi, I want to ask a question about how to make the polygon stay in the map after using the measure function. I mean I use the measure function to measure the distance of each side of a polygon(measuremode="polygon"),...
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  • Reverse mouse wheel zoom

    Hello, I found out how to reverse mouse wheel zoom (scroll down -> zoom out) in ArcMap: it's pointed out at http://forums.arcgis.com/threads/5428-ZoomIn-ZoomOut-with-Mouse-Wheel-in-ArcGIS-Online-and-ArcMap Howeve...
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  • Extending Legend Control

    I'd like to organize items (layer items) in the legend control into headings, for example SL headered items or accordion items.  I have the need to categorize dynamic map service layers according to categories th...
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  • Cluster of 50,000 Points, dynamically add/remove cluster

    Ok, I know a am pushing the limits here with 50,000 points, but what we would like almost works... These 50,000 points spread across different areas in California, but some points are pretty close together, within fe...
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  • URL Extent Parameter?

    I stumbled across a blog that discuss using xy minmax values as url parameters.  First, is this possible with Silverlight?  If so, can someone shove me in the right direction.  I assume the url would lo...
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