How to Access Item Data Stored in ArcGIS Online or Portal with ArcGIS REST API

Blog Post created by echiassonesri-ca-esridist Employee on Jul 26, 2014

The ArcGIS REST API’s Item Data allows to access the data component of an item, such as download a layer package or get the web map’s JSON.  You can even use this functionality to host images to support your story map although it might get tedious to set up if the number of images is very large.

Share the Item with Everyone (Public)


  1. In ArcGIS Online, go to the item’s detail content page
  2. Click Share, and share item with Everyone (Public)
  3. Click OK

Access the Data via the Sharing REST end-point


  1. In a browser, type URL with the following structure:

Zip it!


Optionally, you can have downloadable items, such as layer packages and map packages, zip by adding the URL parameters f=zip.  For example: 


This will change the file extension *.lpk, or *.mpk to *.zip.



Please note that item data access, via ArcGIS REST API, is not  available for free ArcGIS Online account (i.e. account that are not part of an organization).