Everything you ever wanted to know about making great pop-ups

Blog Post created by bszukalski-esristaff Employee on Jun 2, 2019

Too many maps, apps, or Story Maps that are otherwise great, have suffered from poorly crafted or unconfigured pop-ups. Even the very best GIS and digital mapping pros often overlook the importance, and ease, by which great layer pop-ups can be made. Pop-ups are equally important as thinking about how you present your map data. We typically think about cartography, and smart mapping provides great tools and guidance to help us make better maps, but all too often those great maps are spoiled by poor pop-ups.


Pop-ups are an equally important part of the overall map experience, and deserving of no less attention than other aspects of your maps. They are a very important and integral part of the presentation of information in your maps, and can turn a dull and dopey dump of attributes into a far more meaningful presentation of information.


See the comparison below - which do you think is the better presentation of information?



Updated posts


With the above in mind, I've updated a series of blog posts that provide all the information you will (perhaps ever) need to craft amazing pop-ups. 


Pop-ups: the essentials covers all of the basics, and all of the ways you might think to present information.It includes a sample web map that covers all of the examples in the blog post.


Pop-ups: custom attribute display covers everything from single-attribute pop-ups, to using HTML. It includes source HTML which you can use and modify to make your own, plus a sample web map.


Pop-ups: adding charts covers the basics of adding charts, including some examples that show you how.


In addition to the above, you'll find:



And more...


And you'll find more by searching Help documentation, and also searching for additional posts on the ArcGIS Blog about pop-ups.


Let's make pop-ups an essential part of authoring great web maps.