Real-time Geodatabase Replication? Part 4

Blog Post created by tpcolson Champion on Jan 1, 2015

Making Sure the Agent is Working 


Before we dive into testing replicated CRUD operations on either SDE instance we need to make sure the Agent(s) are working.


In Replication Monitor select the Agent tab and right-click on Snapshot Agent and select Start Agent. It should report "Running".


When it reports "Completed" double-click on it. You should see something like this:



This indicates that the Agent is successfully reading the local (source) table TEST and any changes and publishing change articles to the server share.


Select the All Subscriptions tab and double-click on the subscription. You should see something like this:



Now create lots of new points in the TEST feature class on the local (publication) SDE instance. Wait a few minutes and refresh the Subscription status in Monitor.


You should see something like this:



This indicates that inserts on the FISH database are being replicated to the FEMPFISH database. Success! Try some updates and deletes.


However it is very likely you'll see some errors like this, which is related to our previous issue of the Geography column being converted to text. While we did update the properties of the Publication Agent to correctly merge the spatial column we need to reinitialize the subscription agent to recognize this change.




To resolve this:


Restart the Publication Agent:




After is has completed its job with 100% success stop, and restart, the sync agent:





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