Closest Facility Widget for Web AppBuilder

01-12-2016 10:50 AM
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Closest Facility Widget for Web AppBuilder

Here's a port of my FlexViewer Closest Facility Widget for the Web AppBuilder.

Try it live here or get the code here.


v1.1.5, 1/21/2016:

  • Fixed a problem in which some facilities datasets with lots of attributes confuse the solver. Create a copy of the facilities, but without attributes, before sending to the solver.

v1.1.1, 1/15/2016:

     * Settings page: animation duration field now forces the value to be a nonnegative integer

     * Displays a busy indicator while the server runs the solver

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This looks awesome thank you!

This is really amazing!

This is great, well done!

This is really cool.  I tried deploying on WAB 2.1, but it doesn't seem to be working.  Have you had any luck deploying on newer versions?


Sorry for the very, very late reply. I was able to use the widget fine in WAB 2.2. Did you make sure to copy the widget "ClosestFacility" folder into WAB's stemapp > widgets directory before creating a new application?

WAB CF widget in action

Ok I did get it working.  After extracting, I renamed the folder "ClosestFacility." It was previously called closest-facility-wab-js-master.

Thanks, Greg. I've updated the GitHub readme to include this renaming step.

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