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Thank you for joining the GIS Day Live Chat!

10-17-2018 02:52 PM
Regular Contributor

And that's a wrap!

Thank you for joining us today on our first GIS Day Live Chat. Your questions have been great.

And a special thank you to our special guests Joseph Kerski‌, Nicole Minni‌, and Luis Olivieri‌. 

If you would like to post additional questions for our guests, please continue and they will respond to additional questions as they have time. 

We encourage you to continue sharing your GIS Day celebrations by posting your photos and stories on the

GIS Day "We

  • 11:00 a.m. - And we're live! Go ahead and ask your questions! 

  • 11:15 a.m. - If you are just joining us, feel free to ask any question. 

  • 11:30 a.m. - We're halfway through, Great questions! Keep them coming! 

  • 11:45 a.m. - If you are just joining us, feel free to ask any question. 

  • 11:55 a.m. - Five minutes to go! Got any fun questions for our guests?

  • 12:00 p.m. - And that's a wrap! The  LIVE CHAT has ended with our guests.

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Esri Notable Contributor

Thanks Candace!  Hi everyone!  Do join us!  It will be fun and informative!  Happy GIS Day! 

Regular Contributor

It is my pleasure. This is going to be great. 

MVP Honored Contributor

But, but, but, isn't GIS Day on Wednesday, November 14?    

Haha, either way, this will be fun!

Esri Notable Contributor

Adrian:  1.  I was at TAMU university 4 years ago for GIS Day and your event there is fabulous.   2.  Yes, GIS Day is officially on 14 November, which is why we are holding this on 9 Nov - to, in part, give people ideas on what they could do on their event the following week.  Thanks for your interest!

--- Joseph Kerski

New Contributor

me encantaria que los manuales y el curso este en español 

Esri Notable Contributor

Hola Maria!

¿Te refieres a los materiales de capacitación en SIG en español?   Si, see Esri Espana and Esri Colombia's websites.


--- Joseph Kerski

New Contributor II

Interesting, will try to join in but too late for us. Can we have chance to go through your chat afterwards?

Regular Contributor

Greetings Shabbir Khan‌,

Yes. You are welcome to return to this discussion link to follow the thread and see the conversation. 

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YAAY!!! i'm so excited about this