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11-17-2023 05:26 AM
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So I have an old school tabbed map series as a product for a client with dashboards embedded into each tab. This has worked in the past however the dashboards are shared to a group but the authentication does not carry through meaning it requires a sign in to view each tab. Is there a fix for this?.

My immediate thought was that I used a dev dashboard json and replace the staging version json within the dashboard using arcgis online assistant. The dev app was shared to a different group and so I wondered if that was causing the issues?

If someone has experience this or has a work around please let me know.

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We're experiencing this as well. For us it's happening with anything we're including in a dashboard with the embedded content widget. We're using it to embed 3 other simple dashboards into a single dashboard. There's nothing special about our setup.

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@ScottKiley @MarkHaysom -- We sometimes call what you've both created a "binder" -- it's a set of maps and/or apps you want to present together. Although the classic Map Series template became popular for creating binders, this is not a use we'd classify as storytelling. For that reason, the binder use case is not something we are prioritizing for ArcGIS StoryMaps.

However, we worked with the ArcGIS Instant Apps team to help them understand the requirements of this use case and they have a great app called Portfolio that meets this need. I would suggest looking at using that app in this situation.

Upgrade your classic Map Series binders using the ... - Esri Community

Owen Evans
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